Supermarkets and Retail


End of the road for Sears / Kmart in the US after a long, slow drawn out death over the last decade.
Dead Mall youtubers are going to have a massive hard-on over this no doubt.


Should Ikea be allowed to use traditional Maori and Pasifika designs?

Or is it just blatant cultural appropriation for commercial purposes?


There’s a small display at Woolworths Skygate… (probably makes sense with all the visitors). Haven’t seen any anywhere else… this is Queensland after all - we’re not so big on it up here…


Getting a little extra bonus in the prepackaged salad.


I heard that garden city shopping centre in Booragoon will start redevelopment in this year. This will mean an expansion of the shopping centre with new retail stores, plus more parking.
Westfield Carousel has already finished expansion of shopping centre last year.


Free protein with your greens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The shopping center in Mt. Eliza has completed its redevelopment.


I haven’t been able to eat Sultana Bran since I saw a story about a dead, dried up rodent in a packet back in the 1980s. i think it may have been one of the first stories that aired on Seven’s consumer affairs flop Probe.


But wait, there’s more:


I’d lodge a complaint about them promoting “invasion day” but I’m still waiting for replies to my letters regarding the plastic bag ban.


You better start writing letters about the plastic straw ban too. :wink:


Used a cardboard straw when I purchased a Boost juice last week and it turned to mush in my mouth before I’d finished the drink. I don’t remember paper straws being that objectionable when I last used one 30-40 years ago.


You suck too hard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah the straws don’t last with Boost Juice as the smoothies are often really thick so you need to suck on it a lot. I only got halfway through my smoothie the other week before the straw was unusable. For most other drinks though I think paper straws are fine.


Hate the paper straws lucky early last year l brought thousands of plastic straws :joy:


Gotta be gentle when sucking :cup_with_straw:


Reminds me of this:


You’re as subtle as a brick, as usual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trust me, I was going to say something a lot worse/funny. :rofl:


We believe you.