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Story from WIN News that Coles has yet to distribute any funds from the 30c drought levy on milk.


Not good enough Coles.


Not sure if it has been mentioned before, but Blockbuster Video at Morley, WA is now the only Blockbuster store in Australia.


Many video stores in Australia have been closed down. With the risE of a netflix, Stan, people are downloading movies off the internet. I’ve seen a lot of video stores that have been closed down and replaced by other retail. Back in Southlands in Willetton, they used to have Video ezy, but have been replaced by a restaurant.


Is that news to anyone?


:egg: :rabbit2: Saw the first packs of Easter Eggs in Coles this morning. :joy:


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That ice cream reminds me of the now annual Coles ginger bread ice cream tub promotion


Coles was full of it yesterday and so is Woolies.


I guarantee there will be social media outrage and protests in the streets from the usual suspects by the end of the week.


I don’t think there will be outrage about the Australian flag on any products. The flag does not cause anger at the Olympics or the cricket.

There may be outrage that the products that feature the Australian flag were made overseas. This outrage will start on 2GB as people with imported cars, phones, microwaves, fridges, washing machines, televisions, radios, air conditioners, computers, cutlery, kettles, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, toasters, dinner sets, clothing and dishwashers ring up to complain about the imported Australia Day products. Then these same people will recharge their mobiles on Vodaphone, pay their Netflix subscription, book a holiday to Bali and then race down to Aldi to do their weekly shop.

That’s why 2GB is the home of outrage. And irony. And comedy.


I was being a little facetious. The suggestion of outrage would be more in connection to such products being sold in connection to Australia Day and how unfashionable it has become to celebrate the day in some sections of the community.


Yeah your perpetual outrage about perpetual outrage is a bit tiring.


I know. Perpetual outrage is keeping some heritage media brands in this country in business. I’d hate to think how many jobs would be lost if tabloid media wasn’t making money out of constantly whipping the masses into a frenzy over nothing.


I totally understood your tone.

It’s funny how so many sections of the community feel about the January 26. Triple J listeners will complain about “invasion day” being celebrated, 2GB listeners will be upset at the Chinese made memorabilia, Triple M listeners are outraged that the price of beer has increased because of the NSW Return and Earn Scheme and 702 listeners will use the public holiday to get stuck into the online political philosophy degree that they are completing from Southern Cross University.


While KIIS listeners think Independence Day is our national holiday. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was at Jim Kidd Sports at Carousel Today and noticed that their store will be closing down on the 16 January. All the stock must go before the closing date.


Nova listeners are pumped for Bonfire Night


Last week’s Aldi catalogue also has Australia Day themed items on sale from this Saturday (January 12).


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