Supermarkets and Retail


I think just about everyone would be driving anyway, because you plan to buy a lot and don’t want to lug that on a train/bus. Other than the small amount of people who might want to bus there and then get a taxi-like-vehicle home.


They are waiting for the centre refurbishment I believe, same reason why the coles there is really dated.


Hot Cross Buns are apparently already out at the supermarkets. I am fine with that. However, I do not want see Easter Eggs until at least mid-late February. Let it be a month or so in the New Year before they come out


Bad luck. You’re getting them next week whether you like it or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe I’ll invent Oz Cross Buns or Southern Cross Buns for Australia Day to create a buffer between Christmas and Easter. :joy:


Why do people complain about this same shit every year… it’s not going to change and it’s not like it’s suddenly appearing any earlier than before.


short term memory loss or something. it’s not like they’re appearing after halloween in droves.


Exactly, it’s been happening for many years now. Same deal with Christmas stock starting to appear on the shelves from Late August.

People must be buying Hot Cross Buns & Easter Eggs as early as Boxing Day if the supermarkets are stocking them on the shelves at that time, otherwise they’d probably just hold off until Late February/Early March.


Still, it’s a little surprising given Easter will be late April in 2019 (19th-21st April) and not late March or early April as in recent years.


hasn’t it got something to do with the moons


Yes, but obviously the lateness of Easter next year hasn’t stopped the stores from flogging them already!

Couldn’t they let us deal with New Year’s and Australia Day first… :frowning_face:


Not surprised, the packaging for the hot cross buns came into my store mid-december (much to our bakers delight! :frowning: )


Would Coles or Woolworths risk selling Australia Day themed items or anything plastered with the Australian flag in this era of perpetual outrage?


Went to Westfield Whitford City in Perth for the first time in a few years. The new restaurant precinct and Event Cinemas looks good. Disappointed that the cinema is now seperated from the main shopping malls. Patrons have to walk through the outdoor restaurant precinct to access the escalators up to Event Cinemas, compared to previously accessing the cinemas from inside the main centre.

The rest of the centre urgently needs an upgrade/expansion.

David Jones was meant to be constructed as part of a 3 store deal with WA Wesfield Centres, but talk of that happening has gone quiet.


Going back quite a few years ago City of Joondalup rejected Scentre’s initial development proposal that included space for the DJs and a couple of mini majors (albeit the restaurant court at that time was planned to be integrated as part of a second level of the centre more along the lines of Carousel and not in the current configuration - they had initally planned to move Coles to where the current restaurant area is). Would not have been surprised if the council had a vested interest in reducing the level of local competition against Lakeside Joondalup.


people in the suburbs have nothing else to talk about


here in Brisbane they have announced an upgrade to Mt Ommaney that will add a pub and cinema. Meanwhile 4 KM down the road, the local DFO has also announced a cinema.

I can’t see them both going ahead, and if i had to bet i’d say DFO will not happen - Mt Ommaney needs it more anyway. Mt Ommaney is at a point where they are too big for the shops they have, but not big enough to draw people in. there is a big turnover of shops and a cinema could be whats needed here (and besides, the public transport is MUCH better than to DFO)


New ice cream available from Woolworths


Hot Cross Buns are great on their own, but as an ice cream?


Surely it’ll be a bit like regular vanilla ice cream with the spices/fruit of hot cross buns?

Although it’s not a product I’d personally buy/consume in any case…


Expecting it’ll just be a vanilla base with cinnamon and sultanas added…