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Melton, VIC.
Probably understandable for reduced hours given how the place is sometimes!


You might be right there - of the three ACT stores, the only one with checkouts at the front and in the middle is the 24 hour store.


Belmont Vic is the same, but I’ve never been there late enough to see the middle ones close


Innaloo in Perth has a set of checkouts at the front door as well as the middle. They are 24/7 but was the first in WA revamped IIRC.


The IGA supermarket at North Blackburn Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s east will close in January 2019 after operating for 20 years, to make way for the centre’s redevelopment. Local paper Whitehorse Leader said the closure was a mutual decision by centre owner Australian Unity and IGA owner Metcash.


Sorry, I was replying to Qwerty’s post about 24 hr Kmart.


Yes Werribee is the same, they have 2 entrances and when they went through their refurb they moved the checkouts to the middle but reconfigured the ones at the smaller entrance that is used for after hours access. On a side note, when did Big W in Victoria stop having plastic bags?


my local store has the same layout, but does not trade 24/7 (thanks to qld laws)


It was only a few years ago when I could choose my own cherries at Coles and Woolworths. They use to allow you to put your hand in and grab bunches or one at a time. That display of cherries always looked so inviting.

I know that this meant that other shoppers had touched my fruit but I do miss the experience. Choosing which prepacked bag looks the best is just not the same…


I know I realised that after I sent the post!


They probably switched to the bag after your type were fondling the cherries too much. :joy::joy::joy:


Melbourne’s Highpoint and Chadstone Shopping Centre’s will once again do a 34 hour trade this Christmas from 8am Sunday to 6pm Monday Night.

Good luck to those on getting a park :yum:


If that was the case they would sell prepackaged zucchinis


There are so many jokes I’d like to use right now in relation to zucchinis but I’d turn MS into a Rodney Rude concert and have my arse handed to me. :joy:


I always wonder why there are no extra or extended bus services to/from Highpoint and Chadstone during the 34 hour trading period? It could alleviate parking problems at both complexes.


The Kailis Bros in Leederville will open during the 36-hour trading period from 7am Sunday 23 Dec to 7pm Monday 24 Dec. This has been happening for many years now. I have been there during Xmas Eve before 7am shopping to buy some seafood.


Been there, done my Xmas shopping. At least the major stuff I can’t buy at Coles or Woolies.


Today I shopped at Garden City Booragoon and noticed that the old Woolworths Logo was still stuck over the store for 13 years now. 99% of the stores across Australia have got the apple Woolworths logos. the Booragoon store is quite outdated and needed a revamp as soon as possible.


It took Morley galleria woolwoths a long time to update their logo as well… Not surprised Booragoon Woolworths still has the old logo though.


The BIG W store at Tea Tree Plaza in Adelaide still has the old BIG W - We sell for less logo which was used prior to 2008. BIG W once again changed their logo in 2017.