Supermarkets and Retail


They are stationery items, newspapers, gifts, and lottery.


A new newsagent opening seems almost unbelievable these days.


Well I for one Am greatful they are very useful for when I need to pick up a magazine or something


What’s that now?


Target’s new HQ has just opened in Melbourne’s western suburbs (Williams Landing, adjacent to the Princes Freeway and train station - I drove past it last week and it looks exactly like the artists impression in the below link, prominent):

Also, the old HQ in Geelong is now on the market (shame they couldn’t have used it as a distribution centre, customer service, stoee or history centre - as was once proposed), 40+ years:


A museum for the history of Target in Australia?


They’re bleeding millions. They need every cent they can get.



I was at Kmart carousel and noticed that the checkouts are located at the centre of the store instead of at the door. I wasn’t surprised that they shuffled the checkouts. A few months ago, they have revamped the store.


That’s taken a fair while! My local Kmart was done about two years ago and I first saw this layout about three years ago. I think the layout had been around in selected stores for a couple of years before I saw it as well.

I am still not a fan of the checkouts being in the middle personally.

In other Kmart news, I have noticed that my local store does not trade 24 hours anymore. Is this a widespread change?


And so begins the ‘mad rush’ last minute shopping, particularly fresh food (hams and in coming days bread/seafood).

Avoid supermarkets during mid arvo to dinner at all costs (during dinner or later night is perfect time)


I hate the new layout, it just doesn’t make sense to have the check outs in the middle of the store. The one in Joondalup is just as bad, you have to cut through to the mens department to get to the what was called the entertainment section (which is now full of just books and tech gadgets).
Oh well, some people hate it , some like it. I have yet to find one person that actually likes what K-Mart did.


What I hate about it is having to show what you just bought and the receipt to the greeter as you walk out. It is not as intrusive as JB HiFi and the Chemist Warehouse, but it’s still annoying.


My local Kmart still has the Checkouts at the front of the store, hopefully it stays that way for good but I won’t hold my breath.


Can’t disagree with you on that one.


“Excuse me sir, may i see inside your bag?”

“I beg your pardon?”


Your local store being?


Looks like one of the last Home Brand products at Woolies is being cleared out…


Mount Gambier, SA.


My local in TAS has self serve checkouts at the front as well as checkouts in the middle. I think it’s got something to do with being open 24/7 as the middle checkouts aren’t open during the night.