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Hmm. Delta creams are one of the nicer of the cream varieties.


Agree. It’s sacrilege to leave those bland as plain rice Arnott’s Creamy Chocolate things on the shelves and remove Delta Creams. If the Creamy Chocolate things were any good they’d be in the Assorted Creams packs alongside the Deltas.


Has anyone been to their local woolworths and seen the airport style thing they have set up? The St Georges Terrace Woolworths store in the Ennex they have the self serve check outs set up like an aiprport style cue. The way it sets up, there’s tiny space for shoppers to move to go to the check out aisle where the’s about 5 or so terminals. I’ll post up a pic later on. I wasn’t sure if this was a national wide roll out or a local thing for evil Perth. :stuck_out_tongue:


IGA does indeed have dark chocolate Royals.


I thought Max Brenner was going bust?


It was going bust, but it was sold to Roy Mustaca who owns United Cinemas.


Ahhh I see.

Lots of remarks about owed money in the comments on that post.


Had a look at my local Foodland & they also stock Arnotts Royals Dark Chocolate. They also stock Kraft Peanut Butter which is not stocked at Woolworths or Coles for some reason.


Because the Bega one is exactly the same thing.


Do customers know that? If you’ve been buying Kraft all your life, that’s the brand you’ll look for.


There was a period when the Kraft brand disappeared completely. The existing products morphed into new ones so the customers should have figured it out.


Hopefully it stays that way. Kraft does not deserve the sales with the way they went about their business with Bega.


Coles have sold out of their (evidently) popular Crackling Ham which has been featured in their Christmas promotion, at least in Melbourne, according to Breakfast with Ross & John’s Rumour File.

Apparently they are going to get more in.


They must be scrambling for rumours if that’s the best they have. I’ve got one they can use:

All the bread usually sells out at my local Woolworths everyday but they always get more in the next morning.


Wow, you know it’s the silly season when that’s what they have to discuss on talk radio…


We’re gonna need a bigger pig!


I noticed that the Kingsway Coles store in WA recently updated their outdoor and street signage to the 2010s style with the white writing on red rectangle logo. The outdoor signage had remained the same since its conversion from a Newmart in 2004, minus the Orb device removed years previous, while the newer indoor signage was applied more recently a few years back.


Saw a Nextra newsagent shop being opened in Westfield Carousel that replaced the Japanese novelty store today.


What kind of items do they have there? Might pop by, not often you see stores opening like that in Shopping Centres, at least not to ones I’ve been.