Supermarkets and Retail


I went on my first date with my boyfriend there. Glad they aren’t shutting it down!

Last weekend I had a look at the renovated Glen Waverley Shopping Centre for the first time. I find most of these newly renovated shopping centres are all become much the same. They add in a H&M, they get a fancy food court and they get some dark and modern feeling walkways. I found some sections of the shopping centre to be way too dark with no natural light on the lower level near Jb Hi Fi. I also thought the new food court was clunky. It’s so hard to walk through and navigate because they tables and chairs are just everywhere and non-consistent to give that modern feel that a lot of food courts are doing. It just felt cluttered to me.


Businessman Solomon Lew will close three of his stores on Melbourne’s shopping strip, Chapel Street due high cost of rent. Just Jeans, Dotti and Smiggle are set to go


Chapel street hasn’t been what it was the last few years and a lot of those retail stores have been struggling but they are doing a lot to boost the area .I think in a years time it’s going to get a lot of it’s life back. They are building that new Cato square in the old Woolworth’s carpark which is going to be awesome once it’s completed. Also the new jam factor development is underway (which will also bring in a heap of office blocks) and there are some big new hotels/apartments popping up in the area.


Ol’ Chapel Street ain’t what it used to be, ain’t what it used to be.


On the flip side, the CBD has become rejuvenated with retail, especially overseas fashion imports of middle to high end.

As well as the endless array of maga shopping centers about the place.

Chapel Street is also chronically gridlocked at all times of the day and week, trams alike.


Good spruiking there.


I didn’t know Trump has involvement in the shopping centres of Melbourne.


Chapel Street is being advertised quite a lot on Gold at the moment, they must be trying to get people to come back there


I think the new food court layout is fine, but I agree the lower level near JB Hi Fi is too dark especially the corridor between Coles and Aldi/Woolworths.


after shopping from officeworks at east Victoria Park today, I noticed an Aldi supermarket being opened. Aldi has opened new supermarkets across WA this year.


Where in East Victoria Park is that? is that on Albany Highway?
Yeah they have… I don’t particular like Aldi, will only shop at Coles or Woolies.


Corner Albany Hwy and Hill view terrace.


Same here, I’ve never shopped at ALDI, I am a brand name shopper.


Some of the Aldi stuff is just rebadged brand name products. But yes, some of it is generic crap. Just gotta know what to buy.


I like their rump steak. When I want a nice, big, juicy steak, I go to Aldi - decent prices and good sizes.


About time they open some within the inner suburbs, the Perth store rollout has been way too focused on far outer suburbs (7/11 too for that matter).


Inner city gang rise up

but yeah it seems like IGA has more of an interest in the inner suburbs and Aldi has it in the developing fringes.


Both Coles & Woolies don’t seem to stock dark chocolate Royals (with the white marshmallow centre). They both only have the milk chocolate variety (with the pink, raspberry centre). Very annoying. The dark ones are on the Arnott’s website, so I assume they are still being produced. Maybe IGA has them, which would add to the list of my purchases that have been deleted by Coles & Woolies but stocked by IGA (e.g. Birds Eye fish fingers 40-pack, Mermaid salt, Perfect powdered Parmesan cheese).


Coles quietly dropped Delta creams a few weeks ago. I messaged Coles on FB and they came back with the usual supply/demand/not everything is ranged in every store type response. Yet they continue with those odd Arnott’s biscuits that I’m sure rarely move.


And they favour those disgusting imported Oreos which taste both sweet and salty and not really chocolate at all. :face_vomiting: