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Found this in the Eastwood Homemaker Centre (basically a HUGE $2 shop set up in a former Target). A knock off of a brand that was defunct around a decade ago.

I was here 4 years ago and these exact same fitness balls were there back then.

They also had expired Woolworths orange juice being flogged for half price ($1.50 for 3L - best before 11 Oct 18!), and also those Coles mobile phone accessories with the price tag covering the Coles logo…


Surely that breaches some form of food safety code? :confused:


If it were used by, yes, best before, no.


The first ever Coles Local store opened at Surrey Hills in Melbourne’s east this morning.

Coles has also taken out a four page advertisement in this week’s Whitehorse Leader to promote the new store.


Is this like a Woolies Metro or a different concept?


I wonder if any different to the small format Coles Central?


I can’t read that article as you need to subscribe. Are these stores intended to be a bit more upmarket? To compare it to an IGA it just makes me think it is smaller. Although the one thing I like about IGA is that they have a lot of brands of things that you would never find in a woollies or Coles.


It’s taking on the IGA and Foodworks styleid sized offerings often found at the base of apartment buildings. Sightly upmarket, ready made meals etc. If you’re in Melbourne, think Leo’s, Boccacio’s, Piedemonte’s etc. Another is being built in Kew.


There are quite a few Romeo’s IGA supermarkets around Sydney now. They seem to be more upmarket and hipster. Originally only in the city, inner city but now spreading to the inner west, southern and northern suburbs.

ETA: Just had a look at their website and they also have some Romeo’s Foodland supermarkets and Romeo’s Cellar shops.


Coles Local has a bigger store size than Coles Central. It is not only more upmarket than Coles Central but also sells localised products that you can’t find in a normal Coles supermarket.


Had not seen these in the supermarket before today. Apparently they’ve been out for a year.

Baileys – Cold Brew Iced Coffee Flavoured Milk – Non Alcoholic:
Baileys’ Original Cream
Iced Mocha
Butter Caramel and Sea Salt

Which are different to the alcoholic versions which also came out a year ago but only available in liquor shops.



For those who can’t read the AFR article, here’s one from News Corp with a photo:

The store is located close to the notorious Union Road railway crossing, and takes up the space formerly occupied by New Litho printing company for 40 years (it became Neo in 2016 and since moved to Mulgrave).


This is a good blog post from Marcus Wong regarding the history of that crossing and the monstrosity first proposed to separate. I believe one or both parties are proposing to do this and Mont Albert if they win the next election.


They’re really going all out with the Bailey’s branded stuff.


You have to wonder whether it builds the brand of hurts it.


they also do nespresso compatable coffee pods


In Sydney i know the one that was in St Leonards (which is now Romeo’s Food Hall) is quite small.


And they are TERRIBLE! :nauseated_face:


I quite like Romeo’s - there’s one in Summer Hill that was handy on the way to and from work.


No buyer for Roger David - all stores to shut by Christmas.