Supermarkets and Retail


I went into the one in St Leonards a few weeks ago and i liked the Self Serve Checkouts cause they are quite fast. Unlike before when it was a Coles Central i use to hate the Self Serves as it always use to play up.


My local Coles has new touchscreens on the self serve kiosks, and they are better than the old ones, which weren’t very responsive at times.


Has anyone seen any BIG W stores with the new logo & signage? Just drove past Dubbo’s Orana Mall and the Mall sign had the new logo, looks quite dated tbh.


The “new” logo is not so new. It was rolled out over a year ago.

We discussed it back then and agreed with what you’re saying. The old logo looks more contemporary than the new one.


I just googled the release date of the ‘new’ logo and didn’t realize how long ago it was!


Solomen Lew and Premier voicing high again, as the once high-end department store powerhouse Myer is still sinking, claiming “not even Christmas can save them”.

AGM next week, calls for shareholders to dump the board.


Are David Jones suffering the same problems? I keep hearing about Myer struggling but not David Jones.


It’s a good point.


DJ’s are owned by rich South Africans now. No worries for them, with the added bonus that it’s guaranteed that the parent company can’t force their own brand onto DJ’s.


They did introduce the Woolworths South Africa home brand Studio.W into Australia, along with a couple of other SA home brands, though. I think Studio.W is a rather dull range of clothing and homewares.



Kmart is still doing okay for some reason.


Dirt cheap.


Yep. Massive step back there.


BIG W’s new logo looks very much like their 80’s one.


Backflip by Amazon


Amazon Australia has been a complete disaster. Shut it down!


Yeah. Send all those jobs overseas instead.


Was in Joondalup this morning Sisters IGA has now changed to Farmer Jacks. It’s on second level next to jn hifi in the Joondalup shopping complex.

I knew I read something was changing on here a while back.


Are there many IGA’s in WA?


Is it a similar to IGA supermarket?