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That’s probably the problem.


Do any of their stores still exist?


As per the article, there are 57 Roger David stores nationally. It just seems like an out-dated brand to me. If I ever see them I think that and would never bother looking in them (although I might take a look at the closing down sale! Their online site has 50% off everything).


I’ve never been into a Roger David store as it has never looked appealing. Gazman is my favourite at the moment.


I used to buy a lot of business attire from Roger David in the early-mid '90s mainly because the salesperson at the store I went to was so damn helpful/good at her job and I’m clueless when it comes to fashion. Can’t say I’ve been in one of their stores for over fifteen years. I think I stopped going because I found cheaper alternatives.


Last time I saw a Roger David ad on TV was early 2000s I think.


The one at Morley Galleria in WA looks the same it did when the Shopping Centre opened in 1994, so it’s not a surprise if there isn’t much traffic within the business if there is not much evolution and advertising. Would be nice if they could get a lifeline.


They are very overpriced for what they are these days too. Brands like Connor, YD & Tarocash would have taken much of their business in recent times.


Roger David actually exists in Hobart, stores like Max Brenner don’t.
Think all the clothing stores (including Roger David) are overpriced garbage personally.


This is going to end in tears at some point. Either King stays and the board goes, but more likely I think he will walk and the board stays. Sounds like King wants to tweak some major parts, highly unlikely to happen with the current Chairman. Very similar rubbish went on at Woolworths with Grant O Brien and his Masters, lack of investment in Bigw. It all blows up at some point or another.


Ahh Solly Lew, still walking around with a bucket of shit and a whisk


Last time I bought from David Jones was earlier this year, when I got a Helly Hansen jacket that was discounted by $100. Before that, I can’t recall when I bought anything from them.


Assumed Roger David had died in the 90s! Was completely unaware it was still out there.


On Thursday, BDO’s business restructuring partner, Andrew Sallway, said the firm run by brothers David and Craig Tozer had acquired the business. However, on Friday morning, BDO said while the liquidators had explored a transaction with Tozer & Co relating to the trading of the business and the acquisition of Max Brenner in Australia, it was not going ahead.

David Tozer of Tozer & Co said he did not know why the deal was off. “I don’t know,” he said. “I am literally surprised.”

Mr Tozer said he only found out the sale wasn’t going through when he got the press release from BDO. “I could sue them for this,” he said.


So the existing stores will close it appears, however Tozer has purchased the Australian rights to Max Brenner from the Israeli conglomerate Strauss so it is likely to reappear here.


And they plan to expand it into Asia. You’d think the liquidators would rather sell it and make some money than wind it up at a huge loss.


Are you confusing Roger David with David Jones?


Some of them used to have hairdressing salons in the back of them too. Not sure if that’s still the case with the remaining stores.


I never knew that. Stallions Stable was where I got my haircut back in the 1980s … these days it’s Christiane’s of a barber.


Dimmeys used to as well, Kmarts with cafes. All that stuff doesn’t exist anymore.