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+1 with TelevisionAU I’d never even heard of Max Brennar nor does it appear to have many stores in Melbourne (which is surprising, yet heaps in Queesland even WA).


That style of cafe never does well in Melbourne. Some franchises struggle barely keeping their heads above the water since the company passes the risk onto the franchisees. As I understand, MB are all company owned.


Really? Koko Black is basically the same thing (maybe slightly more upmarket), originated out of Melbourne with locations all over Melbourne.


But isn’t Koko Black just a chocolate shop like Haigh’s chocolate shops rather than a cafe? The Sydney one is only a shop.


Not overly familiar with them, sorry.


No they make a sinfully deliciously rich hot choc!


Recently noticed my local Woollies still has the old Safeway mosaic fully intact on a wall which has since been built out of view by the adjoining building. Many old Safeway’s will still have the circular spot where the mosaic was but long removed or painted, bricked over.


I miss Safeway’s big red ‘S’ logo.


Tickets for the pop-up store will cost from $29 to $35. In Melbourne it will be located on level 6, in the space taken up by Giftorium over Christmas.


Koko Black in Canberra also has hot & cold drinks, desserts and food. The hot chocolate is really good.


I went past the Koko Black near the Strand the other day and meant to check it out. According to their website they have a menu with hot chocolate.

The QVB shopfront one has never seemed enticing.


KokoBlack is a hit and miss for me. It’s only been in Perth for a few years, the coffee isn’t that great there. Chocolate too rich for my liking.


Independent supermarkets in Victoria, including IGA and Foodworks, yesterday launched a Save Our Shops campaign to raise public concern about German giant Kaufland’s push in the state. The independents accused Kaufland of bypassing local councils and successfully lobbying Planning Minister Richard Wynne to call in its planning applications, to rezone the five industrial sites the company bought across Melbourne so it can operate the mega stores on the sites.


Our local iGA is now stocking Dutch croquettes… I think their future is safe. I’ve just about stocked up my freezer with these :stuck_out_tongue:


The two majors getting slammed this week

Clever Marketing push from Aldi going into golden quarter peak trade.

Canberra having a public crack at WOW/WES also in regards to milk.


In 1955, Sears formed an alliance with Sydney department store Waltons (which was bought by Alan Bond in 1981 and closed two years later).


A shame that the brand will disappear.


The AFR now reporting it will stay.


Another brand bites the dust.


It’s been a while since i’ve heard of Roger David.