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Courier Mail:

“The remaining 17 stores in the Max Brenner network will stay open and it will be business as usual in these stores. These stores are profitable and will be offered for sale or recapitalisation.”

Stores at Newstead, Hamilton, Milton, Townsville, Toowoomba, Southport, Rockhampton, Coolangatta and Carindale will all close. Meanwhile, Surfers Paradise, Robina and South Bank outlets will remain open.


AAP reports:

Nine (Max Brenner) stores will remain open in NSW, four in Victoria, three in Queensland and one in the ACT.
The company is pulling out of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory entirely.


Max Brenner closures:

Stores to be closed

  1. Kingston ACT
  2. UNSW (Kensington) NSW
  3. Wollongong NSW
  4. Central Park (Chippendale) NSW
  5. Newtown NSW
  6. Parramatta NSW
  7. Casuarina Darwin NT
  8. Gasworks (Newstead) QLD
  9. Portside (Hamilton) QLD
  10. Milton QLD
  11. Townsville QLD
  12. Toowoomba QLD
  13. Australia Fair (Southport) QLD
  14. Rockhampton QLD
  15. Coolangatta QLD
  16. Carindale QLD
  17. Rundle Street (Adelaide) SA
  18. Woodgrove (Melton West) VIC
  19. Joondalup WA
  20. Whitford City (Hillarys) WA

I’m surprised there was one at UNSW.


The Max Brenner at Parramatta has huge passing foot traffic being right at one of the bus stations and upstairs from the entrance to the train station at Westfield. It’s always been busy. That they can’t make a success of that store tells you how incompetent the owners have been.

In contrast, Pie Face is downstairs from Max Brenner right near the train station entrance and gets the passing foot traffic into/out of the Westfield lower level and upstairs to the buses. Despite Pie Face going bust a couple of times with multiple stores closing, the Parramatta outlet has never been in trouble (it appears) as it does a roaring trade from 5:00am to 7:00pm.


I’m way out of the loop. I’ve never even heard of Max Brenner :hushed:


Neither did I, until I went to Sydney in 2014. I tried the one at Manly Beach. It was really good, but I guess the one at Joondalup which i have been on a few occasions, the people who made the coffee didn’t really do a good job. I ordered a latte, I got a cappuccino, went to take it back i re-ordered a latte, and when i got that it was so watery. Not saying all Max Brenner’s were bad, just the Joondalup was never that great. Poor workers, not much foot traffic on most days (even though it’s right next to Joondalup Train station).


Same here, so many brands that have never made it to Tassie that we’ve never heard of.

Has this one closed yet? Is it likely to still be open in a couple of weeks? We’ll be on holiday then and I’ll try and go to check it out if I can.


The story says all those stores will close on Monday.


I think that’s their problem. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oops, missed that bit!


As it turns out they only have a handful of stores in Melbourne and none in any locations I would go to


There’s one at QV I’ve walked past.


The Wollongong store is on the busiest intersection in town (& is actually the store pictured in the article). It will be interesting to see who snaps up that location.


this was an iffy location anywhere. it’s not that busy with the exception of when cruise ships are in town (its next to the brisbane cruise temrinal). i’m suprised it lasted this long


There’s an Oliver Brown outlet at the Western Sydney Uni campus at Rydalmere (which replaced a fairly standard university run cafe), which appears to be relatively successful.


I’ve been to a Max Brenner at Westfield Doncaster. It’s nice and decadent but also very expensive.


An expensive overhaul of the company’s head office in Alexandria, in Sydney’s inner south, appears to have been a major cause of financial pain – hitting its cash flows so hard it stopped paying staff superannuation for the last six months of 2016.


They used supermarket bought “ice cream”. Ewww. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The stuff that they are not allowed to classify as ice cream?


Then shouldn’t it be called Partially Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Ice Cream?


It just rolls off the tongue and so does that stuff. :joy: