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Don’t understand why Max Brenner is in trouble when the horrendous (in comparison) San Churros seems to be thriving :\

Albeit I guess Churros probably have a massive margin in comparison to chocolate based desserts.


I much prefer the hot chocolate at San Churro. I ordered a takeaway hot chocolate at Max Brenner and had to throw it out after a couple of sips. Gross.


San Churro do good hot chocolate, and their coffee is actually not bad


I don’t usually drink hot chocolate but I have liked it. Love the hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce for the churros.


I can only judge from my local stores, but for atmosphere alone, San Churro wins hands down. I also struggle to find something on the Max Brenner menu I think I’d like.


When it first opened Max Brenner had a savoury menu. When it was dropped I had less inclination to buy anything other than a take away coffee. The over priced bars of chocolate are not worth buying.


I found it to be a hit miss at San Churros. and I have had Max Brenner coffee a few times in Joondalup and i wasn’t impressed with it. It would be interesting to see what the end result of the administration is (which I predict it will be closure).


Yeah but you can’t judge a company in a different country to one in Australia.


Last time I was in Sydney, I was able to compare Guylian hot chocolate with Max Brenner. No comparison.


I find all varieties of San Churros hot chocolate to be way too sweet, and I’m not a fan of their other desserts so I guess that’s what has put me off them in the past. Several local places near me beat both of the chains when it comes to hot drinks and I’d never get a coffee at either.

Always had a good experience with the milkshakes and iced drinks that Max Brenner does, however the locations over here have the nerve to have not just a public holiday, but a weekend surcharge.

At the same time they definitely have aspects of their business that never seemed all that viable (several locations have an elaborate chocolate shop section that nobody ever seems to buy anything from).


im judging the coffee and hot chocolate that i tried there. Big difference. :slight_smile: and it comes down to who made it whether it was weak, watey or strong.


I don’t really get the allure of these chocolate places.

There’s Oliver Brown, San Churro, Max Brenner, Lindt, Guylian, Cloud 9 and countless other independents. The sweetness of all those foods is just sickening.

They’re popping up like those frozen yoghurt shops in Sydney in 2013, which all went bust 6 months later.


I totally agree.

A Tim Tam or small bar of Cherry Ripe, Twirl or Flake is enough to satisfy my choccy cravings.


A few of the Oliver Brown shops have already closed. Max Brenner had shut a few too before this announcement.

I haven’t noticed a Cloud 9 anywhere.


Guylian didn’t last long in Perth cbd.


I was at a gaming event a few weeks ago, and was introduced to taiakyi - fish-shaped ice cream with red bean paste. Delicious! Get some into ya! :wink: :+1:


If you ever find yourself in Japan try a Crossiant Taiyaki… such a great snack… friends and I got a whole box of them for the last couple days breakfast when we were over there last.


I’ll keep it in mind.

I found a convenience store in Ashfield that sells them. Same brand as the one they were giving away at the gaming event. I think it was a Korean brand.


Ooh, they are quite nice. Had quite a lot of them when I was in Vietnam earlier this year, they were from Korea as well.


One of these. Standard fare here in Korea, as well as red bean paste in just about everything else that’s “sweet”
They won’t let you go through summer without a shaved ice, milk and bean paste concoction.