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Didn’t know that. I’d hazard a guess Coles in a publicity role would look upon that highly and advantages, so explains a lot. When did she join/leave Nine, honestly don’t remember her.


You can’t be much of a Nine News viewer if you don’t remember her given she was such a high profile Melbourne reporter for eight years from 2016 covering the Black Saturday bushfires, police rounds and consumer and health stories.


At Nine from 2006-2014, she covered 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.


Found her LinkedIn, holy shit, I take back what I suggested, she’s got a huge role, like reading an essay just at Coles alone and she’s not even the department head :open_mouth: Explains how she’s conveniently always ready on site to do a presser


Martine was with Win Victoria before joining 9.


Back on topic please.


Woolworths and Coles both announced they would increase the price of their own brand of 3L milk by 30 cents, with the extra money going direct to drought affected farmers. But how many people buy 3L milk these days? Won’t it be more effective if 1L and/or 2L milk go up by 30c while 3L packs stay the same price?


I bet the price never comes back down after the drought breaks…


The only people buying 3L bottles of milk are people with big families to feed. Don’t quite understand the logic of not applying a 10% increase across the board but I don’t buy home brand milk anyway so whatever…


Sorry for kinda off topic one more time - but Mitch Catlin is another. Worked for 7 and 10 before moving to Myer in similar role as Martine.

Coles Raine Square in Perth reopened this week. Unfortunately the store and layout is not much different to the one they closed so the fanfare wasn’t too big.

The Woolworths refurb at Enex is way better. In the battle of the Perth CBD supermarkets, Woolies takes the blue ribbon.


I am going to Perth in mid November en route to Margaret River for Gourmet Escape festival, so I will get the chance to visit both renovated supermarkets in Perth CBD.


good. The supermarkets have been ripping off the farmers with their $1/L milks. I won’t buy the home brand milks from Coles or Woolworths.


Quite a few:

Helps to read the article, rather than just the RSS


They had no plans to close the store in the first place, just the building management of Raine Square buggered up and did not initially think they would be unable to let Coles continue to trade during the reconfiguration of the centre.

Basically the same store reskinned to modern Coles spec from what I saw (Had a meeting nearby today and happened to walk past).


Yeah I know. Just saying it wasn’t a great store before. And it isn’t now.


Totally agree, but at the end of the day as long as I can get what i need from Coles on the way to the bus port, at least it’s there! I was sick of having to go to Woolworths :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some cosmetic changes, the lolly aisle has half shelves in it’s section. The service desk has changed it’s bench to some sort of white granite thingy. Apart from that everything is the same.

On that note Woolworth s St Georges Terrace had a make over last week (could have been a nation wide thng) they have moved the self serve aisle to the left of the store and have freed up space for entrance area. The Sushi place is no longer in the centre, its near the bakery now. Which is great, because walking in there in mad rush and getting stuck behind hot business men in suits was pissing me off because everyone was trying to get passed everyone at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, certainly not ideal considering Woolies managed to jam a full line store in Enex without any trouble.

No doubt a lot of motivation from the way Coles had their store configured is that it is classed as a “central” store, meaning no catalogue specials.


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Highpoint Homemaker Centre in Melbourne’s west has been put up for sale by GPT, which owns Highpoint Shopping Centre across the street.


Another franchise in trouble.