Super Saturday Federal By-Elections 2018 - Media Coverage

Media coverage of By-elections in 5 federal electorates.

Longman (QLD), Braddon (TAS), Mayo (SA), Perth and Fremantle (WA).

Saturday 28 July 2018

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ABC News Channel line up:

6:00pm AEST Super Saturday: Federal By-Elections: Vote Count

8:00pm AEST Super Saturday: Federal By-Elections: Results

Voters in five electorates across four states go to the polls - Longman (QLD), Braddon (TAS), Mayo (SA), Perth and Fremantle (WA). Greg Jennett, Andrew Probyn and Laura Tingle present live coverage, with analysis by Antony Green.

10:00pm AEST ABC News

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But would anyone in the two biggest markets Sydney and Melbourne even care?

Hijacking the ABC News channel with local by-election nationally always makes me wonder with this issue.

ABC News channel has national coverage of all state and territory elections, so you could ask is there any interest in the NT election in NSW.

These by-elections are major news, so of course ABC News channel would cover them.


Yes you dunderheaded ham.

Has huge implications for federal politics.


Good luck to that ABC team, with 4 hours to fill and results from just 5 electorates to discuss, should make for a record amount of filler content.

“Let’s just have another look at …”



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The Longman electorate is in the Brisbane TV licence area, so we have been inundated with political advertising for the last couple of days. The quality is what we have come to expect; this one features cheap animated cut out figures with big text slogans. The commercial stations are no doubt loving it.

Sub out that guy, insert Braddon candidate Brett Whiteley and we get similar ads in Hobart despite my electorate being Denison. Gotta love channels that air the exact same thing statewide.

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ABC to cover five by-elections Saturday 28 July

Tune in from 6pm AEST on ABC NEWS channel and stay up to date with additional coverage on ABC NewsRadio, ABC iview and ABC NEWS digital.

The ABC will deliver comprehensive coverage of the five by-elections being held on “Super Saturday” 28 July.

A Federal Government hasn’t won a by-election since 1920 and Super Saturday is being seen as a major test for both the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Providing all the essential news, commentary and analysis on the night will be ABC Political Editor Andrew Probyn, National Affairs Correspondent Greg Jennett, 730 Chief Political Correspondent Laura Tingle and ABC Election Analyst Antony Green.

The ABC team will also be joined by guest panellists – Labor’s Ed Husic and Liberal Party’s Trent Zimmerman.

The in-depth coverage will feature live reporting from the five electorates, as well as interviews with the candidates.

And “Mr Elections” Antony Green will be on deck in the Sydney studio as the numbers come in, giving us the latest seat-by-seat results and analysis, with his election touchscreen.

Four of five by-elections are the result of the High Court ruling on dual citizens, while Perth is being contested due to the resignation.

The five seats are:

  • Braddon Tasmania
  • Fremantle WA
  • Longman QLD
  • Mayo SA
  • Perth WA

ABC NEWS Channel
6.00pm on ABC NEWS Channel & iview

Our coverage begins at 6.00pm AEST with a four-hour special broadcast on ABC NEWS Channel & iview.

The next morning on Insiders Barrie Cassidy will be joined by Tanya Plibersek and Christopher Pyne for a comprehensive round-up of the night. To find out what the results mean for both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, be watching at 9am on ABC TV/ 9am AEST LIVE on ABC NEWS Channel.


Follow live coverage minute by minute with ABC News’ live blog at as the results come in, as well as full analysis and a comprehensive wrap from our correspondents of what the results will mean for those seats.

ABC NEWS Channel’s special election coverage will be streamed live online and from the ABC News’ Facebook page.

You can also check in with the latest election news at any time, with the ABC NEWS service on Facebook Messenger. Subscribe to breaking news alerts now, so you know as soon as there is a result.


The ABC will deliver the latest news and reaction on Super Saturday on ABC NEWS Channel on radio with the latest news and reaction, you can also listen through the ABC listen App.

ABC flagship radio current affairs programs AM, The World Today and PM on ABC Radio and ABC RN, will keep listeners informed with updates from our correspondents on the ground.

ABC Nightlife will have Laura Tingle and Greg Jennett on the program following the election coverage.

For all the latest visit:

News updates will continue as usual throughout the coverage.

Tonight, Ten had Hugh present this graphic explanation of the 5 electorates.

Seven and Nine had more localised stories about Longman in Brisbane.


ABC graphics:

Make your mind up!


Live reporting on ten daily

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So at the risk of now outing myself… I am officially on Bill Shorten’s twitter and that tendaily page! Wife not impressed.

Here’s a couple of other pics I’ve managed to get from the Braddon coverage.
Bill Shorten’s media conference prior to him and I sharing a democracy sausage for all the Twittersphere to see. Lots of different outlets, said hi to Tim Lester.

Preparations for the SkyNews Live Cross just after 7am at the top of the Devonport Bluff.

ABC OB Van and car and others at the bottom of the Bluff waiting for Mr Shorten to appear for the Devonport Parkrun which he ran in.

And one final one with the view… and Sky News still over near the cars. The Sky News crew were from Canberra. They initially asked if I was there to see Bill Shorten going for the run and then asked how I was planning to vote, said I was in the undecided category which I was.


For all the shit I give Tasmania as a mainlander, that is a lovely view

There was an old bloke who came out of the water after a swim in just a pair of Speedos. The media all raced over to grab a comment but were all shocked that he’d be out there in that in the middle of winter before sunrise! I must say, I was quite impressed too!
Has certainly been an interesting day, didn’t intend to stalk the media and politicians but they were just everywhere that I went! Pretty sure both of them have just left now and possibly on the way to Brisbane but some jet planes (rather than the usual propellor ones to our airports) have just left Devonport (I reckon Shorten) and Wynyard (I reckon Turnbull).

ABC countdown:

Sky has a countdown as well but it’s wrong!

Sky has Qld and Tas polls closing at 8pm

At the same time as Perth where it will be 6pm

But Fremantle is closing at 4pm local time according to Sky’s calculations.

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