Super Radio Network

You’re better off buying in most regional centres if you can. Cheaper than renting. Then when you move on you keep it and rent it out and it pays for itself in a tight rental market.

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I’m surprised there isn’t a greater move to hub talent (especially to locations where you might be able to attract someone to work) but still have local content (just out of a remote location)

Resonate does this. Has hubs in Kingaroy and Longreach or in some cases home studios for it’s announcers. Also Rural Queensland Today is presented in Brisbane.

SCA Regional and ARN Regional have centralised News hubs.

It’s probably a case off “hands off our localism” but in radio in 2023 it’s time to think differently to retain talent.

If Moree is having issues, could you imagine the issues they face in places like 2WEB Bourke (which seems to advertise nearly every other week).


Yeah and nope. Got a bit of intrest and will fill the position.


That’s great news!

Agree. Excellent news @hatdj!

From Media Watch last night:


2SM is so much a joke, I cannot believe they are still able to operate the way they do.

I also love the way they outright refuse to talk to anyone who might have a different opinion or complaint about about them.

I should know I’ve even been to their studios in Sydney to raise issues with the technical side of things and the fact that they have been sending all their internal communications to email addresses that they do not own, including mine, but they actively refuse to talk to me and other people I know.

Apparently they do not care that emails like this go to external inboxes….

And yes I even reached out via the studio number, contacted Peter Anderson and reached out via the website with zero reply or been hung up on by members of the station.


Why isn’t 2HD held accountable at all? None of these announcers mentioned broadcast from the 2SM studios.


Because Media Watch would have obtained the recordings via 2SM I presume.

You don’t expect the staff at Media Watch to understand how the media operates now do you? :joy:

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I think I’m more interested in knowing who “Don Laws” is in that segment. :thinking::melting_face:

As for attributing it to 2SM… yeah, but I guess they also don’t call it the “2HD Supernetwork” when they just about should. It’s also possible that it was 2SM that received the complaint, as in theory it could be any SRN licensee. Who knows, as it’s probably still in the “licensee dealing with the complaint” stage atm.


They probably should have referred to the Super Radio Network rather than 2SM, but I don’t think MW is going to drill down to make this about 2HD if it’s networked content.


To be fair, if it were a K&J incident, I highly doubt they’d have a KIIS101.1/KIIS97.3/Mix102.3/96FM/ARN Regional logo.

I really think they’re chasing the wrong station. 2SM 1269AM has zero control over what is said on network programming.

There is a Super Radio Network logo they could’ve used to save further tarnishing the 2SM brand.

But if 2SM is broadcasting it, it can’t escape taking responsibility for what’s on its airwaves even if it’s not producing it. It’s also not like 2SM is some distant third party it’s the same organisation.


Sadly it is the same old announcers who have burnt the station before and somehow managed to make their way back to the network.
Very sad and I know there is other stuff behind the scenes that also happened over the weekend that was not covered on MediaWatch that is been looked into.

It always seems to be the minority that let the majority of the good workers and the network down


Sorry, but this is an awful cop-out - 2SM broadcast the content, and they should not be able to abrogate responsibility for it because they’ve elected to take the content from another party (albeit one from within common ownership)

It’s bad enough that it’s incredibly unlikely that anything will ever come of this of any consequence from the regulators.


Sometimes ACMA enforcements end up like that - like WIN getting pinged for a lack of captioning when the issue was Nine’s source, but as the complainant was watching WIN, they get the blame.


The complaints process doesn’t help that either thanks to self-regulation.


Factually incorrect. Presenters were from 2HD Newcastle which was simulcast on 2SM Sydney.

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