Super Radio Network


I may not listen…


They both look quite fresh and contemporary to me.


Really? They look stock standard dated cheap regional attempts.


To each their own. But to me they look better than the Hit logo and infinitely better than my personal least favourite Triple M.


The HIT logo is awful though. Fair cop. Bring back Foxy Fox.


None, Lisa is Ashcroft, Guy is Ashford.


Submissions (this is how you correctly use strong text @Jason_Andrew_Toppin )

The ACMA received five submissions to this consultation, one of which was made in-confidence. The public submissions can be accessed from the ‘Feedback on this consultation’ tab in the right hand side index box.

ACMA will have the Tasmanian submission up later this week they assure me.


I believe big congrats are in order for a fellow broadcast tech & forum member @gordo92 who’s just put 4WK 963 Darling Downs back in Glorious AM Stereo. Huge thumbs up mate, now to roll it out on the rest of the Super Radio Network.

2TM would be a good start as it plays a lot of music, an AM Stereo exciter board in the 2HD BE transmitter is simple, just have to wire the studios for stereo (which should’ve been done years ago if Bill pulled his finger out & built the promised new studios), then do 2SM as well, 2MG plays a lot of music too, so that’s got to be done too.


With Grant having now consolidated their music playlists across most of their stations (eg. 2ST, 2EC & 2NM) in recent times, along with SCA having done the same with theirs for the last few years, even during local programming for both networks, it’s now come to the point that the Super Radio Network is now the last remaining regional radio operator to have individual music playlists on its stations during local programming, especially the AM stations that don’t air a large amount of networked programming during the weekday (ie. 12-5pm), as well as on Saturday mornings.

2TM is actually earmarked to convert to FM as part of ACMA’s AM-FM conversion program for solus markets. Other stations on the network that are earmarked to convert to FM as part of the program are: 2LM, 2GF, 2RE, 2AD, 2NZ, 2VM, 2MO, 2PK & 2LF.


If 4AK not getting converted to FM I would think 4AK would be another good start as they are a Hot AC music station. Now that would bring back some of my childhood memory’s. :wink:


can anyone buy AM Stereo radios anymore?


4AK will be going AM Stereo also, I’m hearing on the grapevine.


Yes you can still buy AM stereo radios, there’s often some used ones on eBay, pretty sure you can get Japanese versions brand new, some of the Over seas digital radios with chipsets for HD Radio & DRM also do AM Stereo (as that’s an option with the transmitters), because of that, quite a few AM stations in the USA have recently turned AM Stereo back on.


Thans mate, it doesn’t take long for word to spread haha
Yeah it certainly is in AM Stereo, first time it has been in Stereo as-well… I can’t take all the credit it was a team effort between myself, Paul Batchelor (4WK Manager) and Andrew Chapman… BE AM Stereo Board, some test gear and a bit of time and WHAM back in stereo

I wish, but only so much AM Stereo gear still floating around the traps now days, so for now one or two in stereo should be enough to make people happy :slight_smile:

There is still quite a lot of AM Stereo Radios still floating around from the 80/90s… Also some imports particularly from the US where HD radio is used also have the ability to decode C-QUAM due to some chips that decode IBOC also decode C-QUAM…
Myself I own 2x Sony JX-220A… But i am a geek of course :slight_smile:

You heard right so watch this space :wink:

Yeah I believe that is because when IBOC is used it limits the audio bandwidth on the analog component to 5k, so been that most HD Radios do C-QUAM, 10k AM Stereo sounds much better then badly digitally compressed audio… I love the idea of turning C-QUAM back on as when it is setup right, it can almost sounds as good as FM on a decent wide-band receiver

AM and FM DX

Great news RE AM Stereo. If we can ask them to make 2SM DAB in stereo that would be great too ;).

2SM 1269 Sydney

Agree. As AM stereo did sound in Toowoomba into the 90’s via AK and GR.

Sad reality that both commercial licensees neglected to fund ongoing maintenance of AM stereo in Toowoomba. Three out of four commercial stations + local ABC 4QS remain on AM where stereo would help.

Toowoomba is an affluent city with daylight second across Qld and deep into NSW; if there’s a market where more expensive AM stereo receivers are going to be bought, it’s there.


4AK today were playing news bulletins that were 4 weeks old :-/


It would have lessened the pain if they were in AM stereo :grin:


I had the extreme misfortune of suffering through a Super Radio news update this morning on 4GY. What the actual…!

The female reading the news was almost incoherent. Stumbling through nearly every sentence!! Horrible diction, completely mispronouncing words and literally talking gibberish.

Is this normal???


sounds like one of the better ones.