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Yes, car radio, Ford Focus LZ, which has excellent reception on AM, FM and DAB.

Car Radios

Yeah I generally find AM972 pretty dodgy even in Broadbeach.


Oh Cranky you are so, so right about that parallel world near those exits North of GC. I actually LOL’d at “two bit” private schools - so true! The blow ins - mostly from intestate, UK and South Africa think they’ve found nirvana. I work with some of them. So delusional :). Anyway, sorry off topic but you made my day! North Lakes is similar.


Yes agree it’s a pretty impressive radio in the Focus


I know this issue is bad in Brisbane, as where I lived at Cannon Hill, 1116 and 882 would mix and show up on 234khz of the LW band, not a major issue for the general public but for us Hams and SW/Radio lovers, it can be a pain in the neck.

Noise from the powerlines is also a major killer for AM in Brisbane… Over the Bayside of Brisbane there are parts where stations such as 882 and 1197 get smashed by noise.

This is my view and does not reflect who i work for :wink:
I think is just urban noise these days on the AM band, as I have found it to not be to bad while driving along the M1 in a RAV 4. Tho in saying that having the 2 stations 9k apart does make it interesting at night time because they start getting into each others sidebands… But I guess thats why they have FM translators to help with issues such as increasing noise floors etc


Yes, picked this up on a 150 - 29 999 kHz tuner. What do Hams use LW for? Unfamiliar with this.

None of which were a problem until the ‘gold plating’ of the distribution networks began around a decade ago. The over investment has seen an increase in line equipment and noise.

That’s the big problem to the local reception of those stations and the FM translators will be a great help.

In Brisbane, it’s fortuitous reception and 972 is three quarters of 1296.


I was wondering if you checked the program as it might have been a harmonic from the nearby 4QR Bald Hills transmitter. 972 suffers a lot from that harmonic/mixing in other Brisbane suburbs.


No I didn’t really… Though it sounded clear, and there was no obvious mixing or anything else to suggest that it was a harmonic, as they are usually obvious - as there is often noise or some other tell tale sign.


Closer to the 1296 site, there’s more of their program, it’s quite garbled and inaudible, accompanied by a constant thap, thap, thap. It’s always been this way, as long as there’s been an audio carrier on 1296 in Brisbane.


I checked a couple of radios today and could heard 4QR clearly without distortion on 972 at about the level you’d expect from a nearby market. There was also a clear signal on 1224 (612 x 2) that was as strong as many of the local AM stations. Clearly not the best radios but even better one’s I have couldn’t totally get rid of the signals.


That was probably it then.


Yes, I get that too in different locations.972 in Brisbane seems to be a magnet for trouble for AM tuners to resolve. The better Eurovox radios couldn’t do it. An 80’s Technics tuner can’t, Factory fitted Mercedes and Audi radios can’t. Same with Sony World Band radios.

That said, cannot replicate the problem when a distance from Adelaide which also has an AM 972.


Forgot to mention that some time ago, checking the FM translator reception and heard Graham Gilbert give a hello to their new announcer beginning the following day, David Cochrane.

His previous location has been 2NUR.


Full calls have a allocation in the 135.7->137.8kHz and 472->479kHz bands so I tend to have a listen below the broadcast band from time to time for any activity… Also Like to hear what Airport NDB’s i can come across


Love to hear the info on 360kHz from Amberley.


New coat of paint for the Tamworth stations - amazing what a change of GM can achieve.


And that’s not the only person to depart the Super Radio Network. I sadly left last week.


Interesting so onefm is getting ditched too?


What relation if any is Lisa to Guy?


I wondered that too.

I thought you were based in Tamworth and would have noticed on air if not since they don’t stream.