Mylee is an exception because she has talent. Those other two… ugh


Sam must be having a few days off for his birthday.


Love Albo :heart_eyes:

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Sat 21.01.2023:
Sally Bowrey hosting with Matt Doran;
Tarsh Belling presenting news;
JT presenting weather from SA.

Beretts joined Matt from SA for Sports Talk.



Mon 23.1.2023:
Shirvo hosting with Nat today.
After a weekend of cycling in Adelaide, Beretts backs up and is presenting sport.
Sam Mac is back from birthday celebrations.
Katie Brown doing a story backstage from the Elton John concert.



Sunrise started a minute or so late this morning after an abrupt ending to the early news which obviously ran over time. I was only half listening but Jodie seemed to be doing her usual plodding along, in no hurry - the way she draws out every word and sentence- then says “now here’s Sunrise with Kochie and Nat.”

You’re freaking out about a missing minute now?

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“Her only brekky TV interview”.


No need to be rude.
And no, not at all.
Just that the news ran late, and the weather was cut off abruptly. If they knew they were overtime, why not just come back from break and say, “that’s all, here’s sunrise”, rather than trying to do a bit of weather and ending suddenly.
Or … do the complete forecast and be a couple of minutes late.
Either would be much better than what happened today .

Not being rude. Just having a laugh. Do I need to put an emoji at the end of every sarcastic comment? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You seem to be really heavily invested in this show and watch it religiously. :wink: I just thought it was a bit funny that you were worried about it starting one minute late when it oten runs 10 or 15 minutes over anyway.


Why pounce on my comment with sarcasm when there’s so much other drivel spoken in so many posts on here. Or do you do that to everyone?
I think a little more civility and a little less sarcasm wouldn’t go astray here.
And, don’t we all have favourite shows or ones we are invested in?

OK. You obviously don’t like to have a laugh. Duly noted that you don’t like people making fun of Sunrise. I will stop being fun immediately.


Not the case at all.

You weren’t making fun of Sunrise, you were making fun of me.

Be who you want to be, but the sarcasm isn’t necessary.

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Why are they using such a close up tight shot of Eddy reading the news?

Very in your face. Literally.

The less we have to see of the hideous backdrop behind her the better I reckon.


jesus I thought we just got a sneak peek of Eveleigh from all these unread posts!