National UK brekky shows/news bulletins have been accused of being London-centric, New Zealand ones accused of being Auckland-centric.

Probably a similar story the world over.


And in Canada it’s focused on Montreal or Toronto. North American morning shows have local weather inserts on their affiliates and local newscasts.

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I don’t see News Breakfast being overtly Melbourne centric. Sydney centric content is a choice. Or a total lack of awareness which then questions their competency.


I’m not saying it’s right for national news/breakfast programs to be overtly city-centric, just that it’s not a uniquely Australian thing.

In an ideal world, we’d have local breakfast TV shows in at least the five major markets.


What are the ratings like in Melbourne this week? Last I saw they were 3rd. Any change?




American does with their local news, it’s somewhat like breakfasty show.


This is not entirely true. Maybe at one point but the US morning programs report on national news from coast to coast. Missing persons, weather events, mass shootings, etc happen all over the US and receive extraordinary coverage. Sometimes political issues rule the day and the nation’s political hub is on the east coast, as is the financial center of the nation. Also a majority of the nation’s population lives on the east coast. Yes there are elements of NYC throughout the programs but rarely is NYC news the focus.


However a lot of TV networks have live and local news programs in the early morning 7am before going to a national show later in the morning. For example CBS in Denver for example had local news from 6am to around 8 or 9 and then go to a national morning show out of New York. Most cities at least on CBS had similar setup. Denver population is roughly the size of Brisbane.

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Sort of, most local network affiliates air local news from 4/4.30am til 7am. When the network shows begin. And some then air more local news after 9am or 11am.

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Not quite.

Most affiliates for ABC, CBS and NBC air local news from 4 or 430am to 7am - then go to the national shows: GMA, CBS Mornings and NBC Today. All 3 of these have two x 3 minute windows every hour for local stations to insert local news. It seems to happen at about :25 and :55 past the hour I recall. All stations do this from huge markets like NYC (18 million people) down to markets the size of say Tasmania (500,000) It’s normally a mix of live local news, weather and traffic with lots of live cams showing the city and surrounds (not unlike Sunrise is doing)

FOX stations in most markets (probably. the top 150 largest or so) have local news shows that more often than not run from 430 or 5am and through to 9am or 10am. They tend to be "Good Day (City) or “Good Morning (City)”

Then CW affiliates in larger markets (probably the top 50 or so in size) also have local news shows from 4/5or 6am than run through to 9am.

More often than not across the US (and certainly In large markets like NYC, LA, Chicago, Philly, Dallas - the largest 5 markets) the #1 most watched morning show between 7am and 9am tends to be the FOX local show, or sometimes the CW local morning show. The network shows are more often than not number 1 in each market, people prefer the local show.

In NYC it is Fox5’s “Good Day New York” that is #1. In LA it’s the “KTLA Morning News” on the CW affiliate which has been #1 for a decade. The #1 show in Chicago is actually on an independent station; WGN Channel 9 - not network affiliate. Their “WGN Morning News:” is #1 there.

In market #4 Philadelphia - the #1 show is Fox29’s “Good Day Philadelphia”

Some mid sized markets have the network shows GMA, Today or CBS Mornings as the #1 show. But then as you get into smaller markets again - under 1 million - they are more parochial and again the local morning shows are tops.

In the US also another thing that is weird is the station that has the #1 most watched 6pm newscast, tends to NOT be #1 at 11pm too - it’s a different station (often the one that wins primetime and provides a good lead in)

In LA and NYC the dominant local news at 6 is the local ABC station: ABC7. CBS is often 3rd of even 4th behind Fox.

Most Fox stations run TMZ or sitcom repeats or game shows at 6. But more and more and doing local news at 6 now, following on from local news at 5


It’s fantastic Sunrise has local news now in Perth and SE QLD, but I can’t help but feel it’s over complicated and clunky, resulting in key segments not airing in these two markets, lots of pre records for Perth and Brisbane needing to be done in Sydney (do they do them in commercial breaks) and a choppy flow resulting in play out errors and awkward moments.

I can’t help but feel it would be much simpler, more streamlined and make more sense to follow the UK, US, Canadian, French route where local opt out 3-5 minute windows are given to local stations twice an hour at a set time. Say :10 and :40 past the Hour for example.

No national content would be produced at this time, so no one misses out on anything.

Perth could do their inserts live as they do. Brisbane/South East could do theirs. Melbourne could start doing theirs (as Sunrise is #3 there and clearly not connecting with the community) and Sydney’s could be done by Nat and Kochie live. Adelaide - sure why not too.

That would give Melbourne a real point of difference to News Breakfast and Today - and allow editorial to be set locally (so it snot doom gloom doom as people have pointed out) and Sydney could feature more NSW politics / Sydney issues so so much of that does not have to go out in the national show as so many here have pointed out.

This would allow Sunrise to be connected with each major local market in a clean, tidy, uniform way.

Twice an hour Kochie & Nat just say “It;'s :10 past the Houer time time to cross to your local Sunrise in your city for your live & local news”


They did local news in every market many years ago, that’s all they need to do again now.


For anyone interested, here’s the link to Sam Mac’s Instagram post featuring all his scenes from Home and Away last night, playing himself.

He’s made multiple references in the last couple of days of how he got to say 47 words, whereas Kochie only had 2 words in his 2007 cameo! :joy:


I could honestly think of nothing worse.


I thought there was a disaster at this event. I hope Sam Mac survived. He is my favourite :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just wait until ScoMo makes an appearance in Summer Bay next year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll be even glader I don’t watch this show.

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They had pre-recorded inserts from someone in Martin Place, Sydney.

Hardly the type of content that helps establishes a connection to the city - which exactly is the issue Melbourne & Brisbane is facing.

It needs to be live and local from each city, with editorial controlled by the local newsroom made for the city by the people who live in that city

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