Studio 10

I think that goes to the heart of the problem: Studio 10’s very low ratings. If Studio 10 has just as many viewers as The Morning Show and Today Extra, I reckon Ed wouldn’t have said something like that.

Yes that’s the point Ed was making. No one watches Studio 10 so it’s a great place to hide.


Wednesday 20 July-

Beau Ryan is hosting with Sarah.

Thursday 21 July -

Narelda is hosting with Tristan.

Friday 22 July-

Angela Bishop is hosting with Tristan.

Sarah is hosting on The Project Thursday and Friday this week.



Looks too much like Christmas edition

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Sarah popped into the Melbourne studio - she was joined by a long-lost cousin Aoife McManus who flew out from Ireland - her strong accent was hard to understand though :wink:


Such ugly colours and graphics


Craig’s tooth fell out live on air at the start of the show today. What could have caused that? I thought maybe it was a gag false teeth thing but its was genuine

TV Tonight’s David Knox recorded the moment Craig’s tooth fell out.

Sarah racing from the news desk to the couch to start the show.


I saw that too and figured it was done on purpose, she would easily have had time during the opener of the program to easily walk across to the couch.


Might get them another article on tvtonight but it’s all getting a bit desperate now.


What happened to Tash this morning? She obviously did the early news show and was there even for the talk up to 9.30am when Nerelda took over news. Usually is Tash is on its all show.

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Why do we need to know what happened to hosts? There may be an appointment she needs to keep or a private matter she needs to deal with. I don’t see why these hosts need to advise viewers of all their movements.


Because that is what social media does, make people innately connected to the profiles on them. If they say nothing, SOMETHING must be wrong lol.

But Nerelda was obviously scheduled on not called in last minute.

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By the same token, why does this response need to be the go to response when someone asks that question?

I don’t think its completely out of the realm to mention or question something on a media forum that is unusual for a programme.

I don’t think Drew was necessarily asking for a ‘please explain’.


Because viewers don’t need to know every personal detail about hosts.

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Asked and answered. But ok.

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I think it was a fair comment.

If Peter Overton started a bulletin at 6pm and all of a sudden Georgie took over at 6:30pm it’s a curious and unusual situation.

It appears it’s no different here.

Sounds like just an observation. I didn’t feel as if Drew was literally (a specific place) asking where she went more-so if they mentioned it on air.