Studio 10

From tonight’s Media Watch.

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Nothing but truth unfortunately.

Very interested to see what this “new morning line-up” entails in 2024.

Do you think they’re meaning a new morning show? I don’t read it like that at all.

I’m taking it as new line up as in repeats replacing Studio 10.

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No idea to be honest, I doubt they’d give another show a go straight away- I just wonder why they’d bother mentioning a new morning line up again if it wasn’t something worth bringing attention to? Like, if it’s just going to be more of the same with repeats etc, surely they’d just focus on the new news bulletins and keep quiet about mornings etc.

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I thought Rob might have something to say about the story:

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“Those are lower than pay tv ratings”


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and iam on Paul Barry’s side on this. it has never rated too well


So 2017 was the last time it “rated” then? What happened in the last 6 years?

What facts is this comment based on? In 2017 it was often beating today extra and on some occasions even the morning show.

Opinions aren’t facts.


Good on you @blackbox! Studio 10 was a fantastic program and increasingly competitive in the ratings under your reign. If allowed to continue on that trajectory it wouldn’t be getting cancelled today. The change of producer and format was the death knell. When you left the program that remained changed into something unrecognisable and sadly led to the demise of what was once a fantastic, unique and engaging piece of Aussie TV. If only they stayed true to the concept of the original Studio 10.


That’s right. It had momentum in 2017 , and was beating Today Extra (and The Morning Show to an extent).

Shame the numbers fell since then though. But thats life in the tv world. Sadly.

Glad you fact checked Media Watch and told the facts (rather than an opinion).


Actually I think its quite the opposite. TV doesn’t carea bout it’s vieweres, the networks and it’s croanies only care about $$$. So therfore Advertisement is the business networks really care about it. We are just pawn in their sick little games.
Foxtel (as much as I disgustingly admit I do like it) is guilty as sin of this practice.

Does he mean the current figures or the 100k? Because 100k for an AM show isn’t “low”.

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Shame that is just a rehashing of the facts rather than offering any real insight.

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Well at least Tristan bounced back and got a gig as one of the Bachelors

Are you drunk?



Should come as a surprise to no one that the show appears to be on nothing more than cruise control, with no real attention being paid to the running of the show with segments everywhere.