Stranded on Honeymoon Island Australia

Stranded on Honeymoon Island

The world’s hottest new reality format is coming to Seven

The hottest new reality format in the world is coming to Australia with the Seven Network today announcing it has commissioned Stranded on Honeymoon Island, the big, new dating social experiment from the creators of the world’s No. 1 relationship show, Married at First Sight.

Premiering on Channel 7 and 7plus in 2024, Stranded on Honeymoon Island sees couples matched by experts following an extraordinary dating event, before being sensationally stranded on a deserted island in nothing but their wedding attire. Isolated and pitted against the forces of nature, can true love blossom and thrive or will surviving the elements push them apart?

Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said: “There is good reason broadcasters around the world have fallen in love with Stranded on Honeymoon Island and Seven is thrilled to bring this hot new series to Australian audiences.

“Snowman Productions and Endemol Shine Australia’s track record of success speaks for itself, and now they’re taking the reality dating genre to a whole new addictive level, blending fledgling love with the adventure of a lifetime. We have no doubt viewers will lap up every minute of this bold and exciting new format.”

Endemol Shine Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Newman, said: “Stranded On Honeymoon Island is a bold, fresh and filmic new relationship experiment with a dramatic and instantly compelling opening. The inspired fusion of the most powerful elements of the survival and relationship genres has created a raw, honest and utterly absorbing take on the search for love that Australian audiences will find completely irresistible!”

Managing Director of Red Arrow Studios International, Tim Gerhatz, said: “Stranded on Honeymoon Island is really creating a sensation among broadcasters around the world and we are absolutely delighted that the Seven Network has snapped up the show for Australia so soon after its successful launch in Belgium. We are sure that Seven’s viewers will love its heady combination of real-life experience and exotic escapism.”

Stranded on Honeymoon Island is created by Danish production company Snowman Productions and produced by Endemol Shine Australia for the Seven Network. Seven acquired the rights to Stranded on Honeymoon Island from Red Arrow Studios International, who distribute the format internationally. Snowman Productions and Red Arrow Studios International are part of Seven.One Studios.

Stranded on Honeymoon Island is already a huge hit in Belgium, delivering record ratings, with a number of other territory deals soon to be unveiled.

Coming to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2024

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MAFS meets survivor…?

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Oh for frick’s sake Seven :roll_eyes:

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A social experiment with couples matched by experts - hard to see how you can call it bold, fresh and new!


Barring an unexpected turn of events, we all know how this is probably going to play out - Seven will very likely put Stranded on Honeymoon Island directly up against MAFS and one of two things will happen:

  1. MAFS will prevail because the audience will stick with the established original (even though MAFS in its current form is itself a mishmash of many reality programs) program; or

  2. Both shows will cancel each other out and the audience will be split.

The former is what probably will happen while the latter is what Seven will at least be hoping for. However, think the smarter strategic move would have been to air Stranded on Honeymoon Island in late Q4 this year (i.e., launching late October and airing throughout November) in an attempt to act as a spoiler for MAFS.


Just what we need, more dating-based “reality” TV :roll_eyes:


Interesting! 7 haven’t really been successful in copying successful formats in the past so wonder if this will be any different….

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There might be naysayers but this is a smart move from Seven. Clearly the success of MAFS has shown that dating/love shows are the way to go.

If this ends up airing in Q1 then it will be a very interesting battle between Stranded on Honeymoon Island and MAFS.

What the **** is this


I’ll save everyone a breath: This will flop no matter where it airs, against MAFS or anything else at anytime of the year.

I think airing against MAFS might be a bad idea.

But I agree that there seems to be an audience for some dating shows (I don’t know why), since Farmer Wants a Wife has performed alright for 7 beating Celebrity & Lego and it’s aired after MAFS finished and filling the dating show gap

Gotta love the guy in the blue suit. Cute. LOL but i like his reaction :stuck_out_tongue: haha What are seven thinking? Unless there will be some murderse in it, I won’t be watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who want a laugh, check out the hilarious prediction that’s been made in the banner of today’s front page of The Sunday Times (owned by SWM)… :joy:

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“MAFS on an Island” is Seven’s next rip-off show.

This thread was started on April 16 of this year.

The press release mentions 7Plus and 2024.

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I rather watch Married at first sight on media spy island. I know it’s cheap to produce but to see the networks rely on cheap reality shows is sad to me.

Surely 7 are nervous given Blow Up and Million Dollar Island (both extremely similar to existing concepts) have failed. But something like the 1% Club (original and nothing similar) has been a success….who is coming up with these bad strategies?!

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From Upfronts

Stranded On Honeymoon Island

The hottest new reality format, Stranded On Honeymoon Island arrives on Seven and 7plus in 2024. The year’s biggest and most radical dating experiment sees couples matched together following an exciting speed dating event, before being dramatically stranded on a deserted island in nothing but their wedding attire. Isolated and pitted against the forces of nature, and without the distractions of modern-day dating, can true love be found? Bold and fresh, with an instantly compelling opening, the new series is irresistible. Stranded On Honeymoon Island is created by Danish production company Snowman Productions and produced by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay Company) for the Seven Network. Seven acquired the rights to Stranded On Honeymoon Island from Red Arrow Studio International, who distribute the format internationally.

That picture looks like something from a trashy rom-com.


Lol that bloke looks like my trainer :sob: