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Guess it’s good to start this up considering the rugby announcement of sport on Stan Sport!

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Reading the announcement from Nine, it seems that Stan Sport will be part of Stan, it won’t be a separate service. Unless I have read it wrong.

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Will Stan Sport have its own streaming app or will it be integrated into the existing Stan app?

Stan is following the footsteps of Amazon Prime, which is streaming Thursday night NFL in the US and a dozen Premier League soccer matches in Britain.
I reckon Nine may move some netball matches to Stan Sport, once its joint broadcast deal with Telstra expires at the end of 2021.


It’ll be an add-on service.


Yep reckon they’ll look to put tennis on their too? On top of the 9Now just to provide reason for people to by the subscription!

Swimming rights are also up for grabs hint hint with seven dropping them


Shute Shield will have 4 games on FTA per season and 1 per finals weekend.

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And the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, plus the 2023 Ashes series (both in England) if Nine gets them?

Just because rights are/may/will become available doesn’t mean it makes sense for Nine/Stan to go after each and every one of them.

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Be interesting to see what they can sign up before the rugby starts next year

What do we expect in terms of cost. $10 per month for Stan Sport? And package up with Stan 4K plan for $25

If it’s only rugby I wouldn’t want pay more than a $1 to $2 a month.


Rugby is a second/third tier sport these days. What else are they getting?

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There really is only three tier one sports- footy , cricket and league

What this deal does do is potentially open up Stan up to being able to paywall AFL/NRL games as well as offering up some FTA and retaining rights themselves and being a ‘one stop shop’ for that code. If the price is right of course.

Foxtel can do it to a lesser extent with Kayo by moving games in front of paywall but FTA still likely to be a big lure for at least the next five years.

Will be interesting to see how 7 responds to this.


Wouldn’t it be better to extend Wide World of Sports instead of investing in a new product?


People are already used to paying for Stan, adding a new entity that people would have to pay for be unnecessary when they already have the infrastructure in place with Stan. It means its not another app people have to download and sign up to.


Should be called WWOS+ akin to ESPN+ with a popular and well-known sports brand everyone knows


WWOS+ would make more logical sense but then that would make it 9Now, Stan & WWOS+. Potentially too many different apps. They would be better off eventually merging 9Now & Stan into one with the 9Now content being the free content on Stan.

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