Sports Broadcasting History

NBC’s highlights package for Liggett. I miss his voice in Australia


Great work. If you could post 1988 through 1991 that’d be awesome.

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This shows it was Easts v Norths

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Doesn’t seem to work for me

Must be one of Seven’s last Soccer broadcasts of that era and also one of Paul Williams’ last calls. Simon Hill came along for SBS a year or so later (or was he there already?) and I don’t think Williams was involved in the A-League coverage.

Bit weird seeing Bruce hosting with Andy Harper from the studio too.


Does anyone have anything from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (or can point me in the direction of another thread if one exists?)

Not so much interested in the Nine broadcast but more so how Foxtel handled them as I believe they had 8 multichannels for the games, but struggling to find much online about them.

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I found thus

These were handed the same way they handled the winter Olympics which was a pay per view event.

i was a volunteer at the games and our room included a tv with all the feeds. I believe that this was the first time the BBC produced there own coverage on site as well.


Williams sadly passed away before the A-League started

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