Sports Broadcasting History

NBC’s highlights package for Liggett. I miss his voice in Australia


Great work. If you could post 1988 through 1991 that’d be awesome.

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This shows it was Easts v Norths

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Doesn’t seem to work for me

Must be one of Seven’s last Soccer broadcasts of that era and also one of Paul Williams’ last calls. Simon Hill came along for SBS a year or so later (or was he there already?) and I don’t think Williams was involved in the A-League coverage.

Bit weird seeing Bruce hosting with Andy Harper from the studio too.


Does anyone have anything from the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games (or can point me in the direction of another thread if one exists?)

Not so much interested in the Nine broadcast but more so how Foxtel handled them as I believe they had 8 multichannels for the games, but struggling to find much online about them.

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I found thus

These were handed the same way they handled the winter Olympics which was a pay per view event.

i was a volunteer at the games and our room included a tv with all the feeds. I believe that this was the first time the BBC produced there own coverage on site as well.


Williams sadly passed away before the A-League started

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I had this wrong, Williams was involved in the A-League coverage on Fox - he hosted/ narrated the highlights show in season 1. Credited in the last few seconds by himself.

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The complete broadcast of the 1997 AFL grand final with postgame reaction, Seven Nightly News and a full replay of the match in primetime


Awesome get! So weird having the 3 PBP commentators.

Would be great if you had more from that era!


I do enjoy seeing an entire Grand Final from the 90s from start to finish


And they were arguably Seven’s big three from that era to boot (Bruce, Sandy and Dennis)

Fun fact: the reserve grade grand final, which Seven also televised that year, also had three PBP callers (Drew Morphett, Ian Robertson and Kevin Bartlett)


Only Bruce and Dennis returned when 7 returned to broadcasting footy with Sandy not approached


Also worth noting that when Seven regained the rights for the 2007-11 period, both Hamish McLachlan and Basil Zempilas would be hired for non-commentary roles, with McLachlan being appointed AFL Game Day host and Zempilas hosting Perth-based games (in which Seven would take the Foxtel feed) with Chris Mainwaring from the Today Tonight set.

I doubt either would’ve commentated any matches as a fill-in for McAvaney/Cometti in that period, though both would later team up for Saturday Arvo Footy in 2012 (and also, on occasion, call some Sunday games together).


That would have gone over well here given how loved both of them are.

Are there any pictures of this set?

Don’t think this was the TT set I mentioned but this was the presenting set I was talking about, featuring Scott Watters and Basil Zempilas.

Courtesy: Barrington Levy


Neither filled in as a match commentator iirc in that 07-11 period. In 2008 Commetti called solo whilst McAvaney was over in Beijing for the Olympics.

In Brisbane, the Lions Sunday 1:10pm matches would get similar treatment to those Perth games. From memory it was the Gameday set and Felgate was a regular host with Watson or Schwartz, whoever wasn’t doing 7’s match that afternoon. Possibly involved others too at various times.

I do remember a Fox game from Perth involving the Lions being shown in QLD with Zempilas and Mainwaring hosting.

For a while in QLD, Seven would also take the Fox match at 1:10pm Sunday in lieu of the Seven produced one if the Swans were playing. I assume this was to keep schedules the same in the northern states and to avoid the Rugby League.

On Saturdays 10 just took a straight Fox feed.