Sporting broadcast themes

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I don’t mind the ESPN NFL theme but Fox NFL shits on everything else.

While not necessarily a sports theme per se another great one is the Super League try replay music on Sky Sports: Seize the Day

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Most of the NFL themes are pretty good. The John Williams NBC one is Star Wars-esque.

The NBA on NBC theme is probably the best piece of music that doesn’t go for the action movie aesthetic (and much better than the ESPN offering).

Also the new F1 theme by Brian Tyler is pretty great for getting hyped up.


ESPN’s Monday Night Football theme is one of the best.
The theme for BBC’s Match of the Day (Premier League highlights show) is one of the classics too.

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Yes this! Best theme of 2018. I believe it was only introduced last year in the F1 coverage.

Also always liked like Fox Footy theme. This is the 2018 version courtesy of @WAtvVideos.

If you want to shoot stuff in Call of duty…

ESPN have been using the classic Heavy Action theme for this year’s MNF broadcast after Hank’s intro. Can’t beat a classic. (Doesn’t allow embed)

Also, I have a soft spot for NBC’s Thursday Night Football intros from 2017.

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Yes… quite different to their SNF… much more hip hop/RnB as opposed the ‘country’ styled SNF theme…

I really enjoyed the intro/outro music they had for that TNF package, that tune was catchy as hell.

For me my favourite would have to be the classic Masters theme, still never fails to make the hairs on the back of the neck and realise its Masters time, nothing quite like it.

Another one, which is also golf which is what CBS used for the US PGA for quite a few years up until a couple of years ago. They would use it with the tagline “Glory’s last shot” which I guess the PGATOUR made them drop with the FedEx Cup aftewards, although this year it’ll be the 2nd major.

Channel 9’s Wimbledon theme was also a classic one that I enjoyed when I was a kid…

Their US Open one I enjoyed too, both their themes matched the tournament that was being played.

And ESPN US’ theme for their grand slam tennis coverage from around 2009-2014 was fantastic as well. Even had this theme as my ringtone for a while…

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Very catch indeed. Often had it stuck in my head all weekend.

The Fox NFL theme is my current ringtone. Hard to believe it’s almost the time of year to hear it again.

Oh Sunday Night is also catchy

I miss openers like this


What is the song for the NEC Big Game on 10.

I was there in the crowd, while I don’t remember much about the game I do remember being in the mighty BLUE & WHITE colours …

that Canterbury side, hang the F on what a side … only missing Lamb

I do know these 2 songs were used for tries when Ten aired NSWRL.

I found another one.

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I found one that was used in the MMI Big Game in 1991.

Of course who could forget these.

Seven motorsport fans of the 80s should recognise this one

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