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In an interview Adam Hills did with TV Tonight, he raised the prospect of the show perhaps returning this year:

“There was talk of possibly doing a short season this year, maybe like 10 episodes. The tricky bit for me was finding time in my schedule because I also had the Paralympics for Channel 4. But now I’ve got a massive hole in my diary there’s certainly an opportunity to make it.

“But then that raises the next question: would Spicks still work without a studio audience? And I think it would.

“I’m definitely open to it. I don’t think this would come as any surprise to the ABC. They know that I’m up for it, if we could find a way to do it.”


It could work, but with Adam Hills as host, with Alan and Myf as the Team Captains. Having a studio audience does help this type of show though. So I don’t know how it will work if there is no audience.

Tonight’s 2000s decade special was great. Quite enjoyable. Anyone know when the 2010’s special will air?

Spicks And Specks 10’s Special

Sunday 20 December at 7:40pm

2010’s Special


What better way to end the year than with a new episode of Spicks and Specks.Screening Sunday 20th December at 7.30pm, Australia’s favourite music, quiz show is back and tackling the most recent decade of music. Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by songstress Kate Miller Heidke, musician and singer Vance Joy and comedians Claire Hooper and Luke McGregor as they relive the music of the 2010s – the decade that finally managed to convince kids that flossing was cool.

Electronic music producer and musician Alice Ivy, takes to the stage to perform reimagined, synthetic versions of songs for a round of Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma. Vance demonstrates an impressive knowledge of Taylor Swift during Know Your Product, while forget the old permanent marker and poster paper propped up on an easel, the 2010s round of Cover Versions, requires our players to draw using their fingers on an electronic whiteboard. Kate shares tips and exercises on how to warm up your voice that has the whole panel practising alongside her, before she takes to the mic for everyone’s favourite game, Substitute.


The show will be back in 2021 with ten new episodes.


Hopefully all the copies of that terrible reboot are destroyed so it is never seen again.

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ABC has been airing Spicks and Specks weeknights at 7.30pm (and double episodes recently) for years now, and not once have i seen an episode of that rebooted season of Spicks. So who knows if they still exist…

Glad that Spicks is returning in 2021, with 10 new episodes. Hope its as good as the original



Get ready Australia, Spicks and Specks is rocking and rolling into 2021 on your ABC. Host Adam Hills is once again joined by team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough for 10 fresh new episodes of Australia’s favourite, and only music quiz show.

That’s right, in 2021 Spicks and Specks is fresh, (fresh), exciting, oh so exciting to ABC.

Along for the ride is a talented line-up of musicians and comedians, including Kate Miller Heidke, Eddie Perfect, Linda Bull, Missy Higgins, Kate Ceberano, Judith Lucy, Dave O’Neil, Denise Scott, and Nazeem Hussain. Also, some new faces join the Spicks and Specks family including: G-flip, Mo’ju, Alice Skye, Mitch Tambo, Yeo and Amy Taylor.

Teams will battle it out playing games like; Look What they’ve Done To My Song Ma, Picture This, Malvern Stars on 45, Cover Versions, Sir Mix n’ Match Alot and everyone’s favourite Substitute. With live performances, memorable stories and lots of laughs, do yourself a favour and tune into Spicks and Specks 2021.

10x60 Episodes

Production Credits

An ABC Production, series producer Rachel Millar, Executive Producers Anthony Watt and Nick Hayden.


Very pleased that it is having a longer run next year!

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How was it? Worth watching?

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Yes, although my 2010s music knowledge isn’t that crash hot! Really looking forward to the new series.


I also thought it was a good special overall. My knowledge on the 2010s of music isnt that crash hot either.

Cant wait for the normal new season in 2021


Sunday nights. 10 episodes. 60 minutes long. Can’t wait for it :slight_smile:

According to TV Tonight, the 10 new episodes were filmed last year during the Melbourne lockdown.

Does it mean there was no studio audience?

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There are 10 new episodes coming really soon

Spicks and Specks starts Sunday 18 April at 7:40pm

We love a music quiz, and they don’t come much better than the brilliant Spicks And Specks . So, it is with great joy that we reveal details for the beloved show’s return in 2021.

Host Adam Hills and team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough will return with brand new episodes of the hilarious, informative, irreverent and immensely fun quiz show this year, with a string of incredible guests set to join them throughout the season.

It all kicks off Sunday 18 April and will run for ten weeks.

Musical guests revealed so far include The Teskey Brothers , Alice Skye , G-Flip , Vika and Linda and Missy Higgins , while comedians Anne Edmonds , Nazeem Hussain , Luke McGregor , Dave O’Neil and Denise Scott will no doubt make sure the music nerds don’t run rampant.

The show will be broadcast Sunday evenings at 7:40pm and will be available to stream on iview.

“Some people made banana bread in lockdown, we made a new series of Spicks and Specks,” host Adam Hills said in a statement today.

"Not only did it give us all an excuse to get out of the house, it gave us a chance to showcase a new breed of Australian musicians and comedians, while also catching up with some old favourites.

“I’m so proud of the shows we made last year, and I can’t wait for the rest of Australia to see them.”

Spicks and Specks returned to our screens on Sunday, at 7.40pm, with healthy ratings numbers. It came in 4th for the day, with 665,000 viewers. Will be interesting to see if the numbers hold on for the remaining nine episodes.

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In last night’s episode, Adam Hills told the LWTDTMSM guests that they should play after every story in the news, testing it out right after. At the end, Adam advises the end-of-show is interrupted by a joke news bulletin, complete with the band playing in-between reports.



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