Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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“Essential Vinyl” with Jane Gazzo looks to be filling the 10pm slot on the Triple M network (following “Australia By Night”) now.


Was at the Newcastle 500 V8s today, and Triple M Newcastle had a stand there with heaps of branded outdoor umbrellas, banners and deckchairs


“oh, that’s a Sydney station”


Lol, yes, even the logo is identical except that a 4 has been swapped out for a 2.


Pretty sad, isn’t it?

SCA have only really gotten away with the Hit 106.9 rebrand (and even then, I’d still prefer if the station remained NXFM) because it’s unlikely that either Sea FM or 2DayFM will be rebadged in the foreseeable future. Somehow I don’t think Triple M 102.9 is going to go down well with parochial Novocastrians - I mean, this is the same market the strongest rating commercial TV station was/is hesitant about phasing in network/Sydney-style branding for heavens sake!




The only thing that hasn’t been rebranded there is the 6pm news.

An uncontroversial Triple M rebrand will only further pave the way for that rebranding to occur as well.

The writing has been on the wall there pretty much since aggregation occurred in 1992.



Am I the only one who sees the irony of someone from SCA talking about supporting regional communities yet at the same time removing regional radio brands that have stood for 80 years? Only to replace them with generic metro brands like Triple M for no reason. “Radio is different” he says. Oh the irony. I think I want to puke.


Well written as always @Brianc68

I look forward to a big laugh when reading the article in detail.


Utter bollocks.

If they were truly supporting local communities - they’d all have local branding, be local at least 12 hours a day, and cater to the tastes of the local community to which they’re meant to serve.


Exactly. And the utter bollocks about them “deciding” to launch Triple M Bundaberg after “careful consideration of the community”. The only reason they didn’t roll out Hit in that market was Hitz 939 already existed.


seemed to work for them didn’t it - up 5.6 and across all dayparts.

The incessant bleating by some here is getting ludicrous. No they’re not perfect. No company is.

GM5FK raises millions regionally - don’t see Grant or Ace doing anything of the sort for their communities.


That was when they were on the Greatest Hits From The 70’s to Now Log. I would like to see where they would rate now. Lol

Agree mate. Ive got to give credit when it due. They do a lot more then others. Ive always have been a big supporter of GM5FK.
Grant and ACE are to tight to do any of the sorts.


It wasn’t for the lack of trying either… I hear from insiders of Grants that they requested Hitz 939 to change there name, but as you would expect they told them that was not going to happen considering there name has remained the same since launch and was around long before the HIT brand was even thought of.
Good on Grants for standing there ground…
In SCA defence going to a more older format was a better idea anyway so they had the chance of been more competitive


Yes agree it was always a better idea, but they still had to be forced into it and yes I heard the same thing about them trying to get Hitz to change names.


And so is your company brown nosing. Mike, Ashley, Mickey, I’m sure they all get it by now what a champion of the company you are.

Gimme five for kids was initiated by Sarah King (treated so poorly by SCA, but hey, tip the bucket on her) as a single station fundraiser.

It is now part of the McDonald’s radio template.

Individual stations do great things for their communities, 4BU and Hitz Christmas appeal along with 2LM’s version are very successful. They also have the great connection with their communities, benefits that connect communities as radio should do daily on many levels. They also haven’t botched their brand and ditched decades of brand value.

There are good things done across many stations, SCA is not the greatest simply because they do so much of it.


hit and Triple M Central Queensland running local shifts tonight due to the bushfires in the region.

Emergency Broadcasting in Australia

As they should be.


*their ground