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Nice bit of Ducting this morning(about 6am) near Shepparton in Victoria. Hearing Smooth FM from Sydney overpowering Triple M Goulburn Valley on 95.3fm.


Wow! That’s pretty amazing!


Would it be ducting or skip?


I once picked up Smooth 91.5 on the nsw / qld border near Goondiwindi clear as a bell. Could not believe it. Lasted about 20 minutes


On 9 April 2015, the long standing TAB outlets in Qld, SA, NT and Tas began a rebrand to UBET.

The TAB outlets had been open since 1962 under that name.

I have a UBET account for family to place bets on Melb Cup day.

This is what I received in today’s email:

We want to tell you about some upcoming changes.

UBET is changing its name to TAB.

Over the next few weeks, your local store, your app and our website will change their logo.

All markets, offers and buttons will be in exactly the same place, along
with some new features like racing replays and previews.

Any questions? Check out our FAQs.


The UBET (strike through in email) TAB Team.

So SCA can do a u-turn on their ridiculous renaming of stations. It took Tatts Group 3+ years to realise.

SCA can reverse their poor idea a few years down the track.

Brands, Products and Promotions

Goodbye to the UBET Breakfast Show on RadioTAB then :man_facepalming:


A u-turn on UBET … I see what you did there! :grin:


Back to the more sensible TAB name.


new websites for MMM and Hit launched today




Wow, what a train wreck Mix Perth is. Cross branding everywhere!


That explains why still directs to the previous design.


I think that’s a bug. If you go to the Triple M website, and then change your station to Mix, there’s also a Mix website there (although it does have some Triple M branding)


Goodbye to UBET, hello to TAB.
Same team, same show… things will keep chugging on with no plans to “shut her down”…


And the show is sounding as good as ever.

Tune in or stream it, even if you’re not enamoured with sport, great broadcasters make the content interesting.


Looks like The Range is moving next year from 7-9 to 8-10, which probably makes more sense than having a dead hour between that and The Sporting Probe (which I don’t know if that will be back next year). The one thing the show has going for it, at least these songs only appear once a week unlike the tooth brushing servings the network often serves up (playing a song 3 times a day).


So SCA can do a u-turn on their ridiculous renaming of stations. It took Tatts Group 3+ years to realise.

SCA can reverse their poor idea a few years down the track.

I wouldn’t expect someone with a bitter pill like yours to have any idea about market research, but the heritage brands are not struggling by any means post rebrand given the marketing and affirmation that the usual local guys were going absolutely nowhere.


No bitter pill, simply commonsense and respect for the value of brands.

SCA can buy whatever research result they want, that’s how research works, he who pays the piper…


that’s correct, but if they seriously make that stupid camping and caravan show go for 2 hours instead of 1 , well… that’s just crap


The one wish Spida and Mrs Spida? I don’t think they will make it longer.

If the sporting probe stays it’ll go 10-12 so Sunday mornings will just flow until 12 where some markets take the footy and others don’t.

I’ll say this 2 years on, getting rid of the DSL was one of the worst things they did.