Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Going through the listeners comments on their Facebook page and I see there are a lot of people there, who is not happy with the current music format :joy: I think this is another station that needs to adopt a more rocker format.


And the first song that 102.9 played as Triple M Newcastle this morning was (predictably)

New Sensation - INXS

Same song that Triple M Melbourne played when they changed over from EON FM in 1988.



As did Triple M Bundy as it relaunched from 93.1 Sea FM. I suspect the regional heritage stations that took on the Triple M brand in 2017 did the same


And when 4BK converted to FM and became B105


And when 3YB in Warrnambool converted to FM in July this year.


Oh FFS really? My kingdom for an original idea!


2DayFM should’ve done it too when they changed format haha.


Was up in Hervey Bay yesterday and sampled the local MMM to check out this “music that makes you feel good” format.

Gee not sure what to think. Very strange format indeed… Another observation was there were just so many ads I couldn’t stand it.


Yes, I had a good listen to it yesterday too whilst sampling the Triple M Newcastle flavour, and it seems to be something of a HIT-lite format.

A few too many new songs to my liking, and too soft overall, needs a bit more of a rock flavour added in.


I agree, very strange, I had a 4 minute sample of it yesterday and they played this gem from Midnight Oil to Conrad Sewell - Healing Hands. I nearly felt like smashing the radio. (Music That Makes You Feel Depressed)

I agree Radiohead, too many new songs.


You must have been listening at the same time as me. I heard the (live) Midnight Oil track followed by Healing Hands. Just odd.


Triple M Fraser Coast was brilliant when they had the Classic Hits log. Now it’s on that horrid log full of new songs.

Thank god for Zinc up that way!


At least Triple M Mid North Coast is still on the Classic Hits log, the only FM station in the network to still do so.
IMHO, it would be the only Triple M station worth listening to when travelling between Sydney & Brisbane.

Same for 4CC in Gladstone/Rockhampton, 4MK in Mackay & 4CA in Cairns, who carry the same log as Zinc. Likewise for Power 100 in Townsville, which has a rock format.


Yeah does anyone know what their playlist looks like?
Is it more Triple M Metro or Rebel?


When I was up there last Xmas it sounded pretty good. It had a good point of different s to the other commercial radio stations up there.

It has a variety rock format from the 60’s to now. More 70’s, 80’s and 90’s focus. I guess it would be more music focus then Metro Triple M.


I tuned in they have the feel good positioner but luckly still classic hits.


Sadly I discovered during networked programming they take the ‘Feel Good’ playlist. So they only have classic hits during automation or local programming.


it was a weekend of live Midnight Oil songs at the TOH from their new album which coincided for Armistice Day.


thanks for listening gents - that would have been me on the panel and JR broadcasting live from Maitland Park for our Triple M launch BBQ. :slight_smile:


Very positive Response Mongeral Aha