Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Interesting to note, the KOFM Facebook page has changed its name to Triple M Townsville



Oh no, that will make reception a lot more difficult. I’ve only ever received Triple M Townsville here once (that was when it was known as 4TO FM).



All my years of driving up and down the Pacific Hwy I could always rely on KO, MC and CS to keep me entertained with music and good music at that.

Now? No chance! Talkback rubbish overnight. Sorry SCA you’ve lost me. As soon as I run out of DAB coverage I plug the iPod in now.

Why are all these regional stations (Caralis too!) think that everyone wants to hear talkback all day? It’s a shocker! How do people listen to it all day long?

Bring back the classic hits music to regional Australia!


I don’t mind the overnight talkback, especially Luke Bona and a lot of my work mates agree, both make and female (more so males). Good mix of music in as well.
As talkback goes some nights are far better than others but honestly I would’ve be able to work without that show, it gets you ticking on a long night shift. Anyway that’s just me.


I’d prefer something like what “The Sound” have overnight with a proper music program. Each to their own.


I agree, personally I think talkback belongs on AM radio, FM has always been about music to me.


The playlist looks like it’s the same in that 2 hour gap across the network too - both 2GO and KOFM are playing the same songs right now.

Though neither station is displaying song info on RDS.


Yeah agree. I’m not a fan of talk and sport on FM, particularly with the restricted supply of commercial FM stations in this country.

If I were in regional Australia I’d be solely streaming Spotify or the metro DAB stations, no two ways about it. I would not be listening to any terrestrial commercial radio at all.


I wonder when/if Mix 106.3 Canberra will go full Triple M.


from what I understand, KO has been on network music this week so their people can concentrate on the switchover tomorrow


I totally agree with your sentiments on having talk & sport on fm particularly Triple M the station that has no real identity.
I feel for the people that live in the regions with a real lack of Radio choice I certainly would be listening to online radio if I was in the regions.
In my opinion why have talk overnight on a supposed Rock/ Sport/ Talk/ Comedy/ Feel Good, Classic Hit’s Station that is Triple M.
Why has SCA Completely destroyed the Triple M Brand beyond recognition & renaming the heritage stations in the regions Triple M , Feel’s Good positioner …
I could rant on & on but really Australian Radio Need’s a total shake up deregulated ,the bones are there …


If you are not a 18 to 50 year old female or a sports fan, I would not bother at all with regional SCA radio stations.

I agree, streaming is the go in regional Australia these days, especially the regional SCA and ACE Radio areas.


As well as in Wollongong, especially in areas where the Sydney stations are not well received.


Pretty sad when about 10-15 years ago, we probably would’ve been saying that many regional radio stations are better than those you can get in the capital cities?


That statement was quite true back then. This was back in the days when I would be looking forward to going to regional areas & listen to their local commercial stations. This was before Southern Cross merged with Austereo in 2011.

Nowadays, the only few regional commercial stations worth listening to are Rebel, Breeze, Capital’s Forever Classic stations (2CA/2GN/2XL/3GG) & Caralis’ FM stations.


Plus over in the West, Spirit Radio and The Wave.


The Triple M Newcastle homepage is akready accessible (for me at least) despite the changeover being still over 12 hours away,


Don’t forget hot tomatoe


Switch now in progress.

No change to RDS station name, but the new name on the 2nd line text


RDS now updated.

Also ID on air as 102 point 9 Triple M (the point is back! Hooray!)