Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Every time George Ezra shotgun comes on, I do feel like shooting myself, I have no idea what is so good about that song. I know 90’s music does cop some flak, but would rather listen to a song from 1998 than 2018 anyday of the week.


Which they could change if they wanted to - and it wouldn’t be that hard to do.

Change all of them to Triple M, keep local breakfasts at a minimum and then either have the same playlist as the metro Triple M in that state or just network it from that Triple M, ensuring that they ID as the local Triple M from time to time. They do it in the UK.

Personally, I’d like to see SCA self-destruct and be split up into metro radio, TV, and have the regional stations sold off either in chunks or individually, but that won’t happen.

I like Oldskool as a digital station, but that’s really the only thing I like about it. The rest of the company can piss off.


I agree. I can’t stand the new repetitive “Music That Makes You Feel Shit” format on the Regional Triple M stations. I swear they have had a budget cut with their music playing all the cheapest 80’s, 90’s and 00’s pop songs that they can find and playing the same new songs on repeat every few hours.

All I can say is, thank god for streaming. :smirk:


Old Skool is a pretty good station, but they play to much R&B & mash ups for my liking.


That I do agree with. Some of the mashups work, but they need to move the R&B to Urban, and stick to the 80s and 90s. Much better than flicking between iHeart’s 80s and 90s stations.


They have lost a few of their listeners since the change


Because it’s garbage, they’ve tried skewing to women and I’m sorry it’s not working. I’ll try my hardest to stay positive about SCA as I believe what they can provide is good, on the music and content front, but they don’t. Like the music choice, there’s more new stuff than older stuff, it’s repetitive and the old stuff they do have is average.

Honestly I’d much rather listen to Triple M Sydney than these regionals any day.

Anyway anyone know what they are doing between 10- 12 on the regionals?


Exactly :thumbsup:


The feedback that they are getting I can’t see this format lasting to long.


But surely they won’t covert all regional Triple M stations to the Classic Hits format?, I believe they need a completely new music format.


Thus why I reckon they’ll eventually just network the metro Triple Ms into the relevant state with minimal local programming. When you rebrand the stations in this way, it’s easy enough to do. As I’ve said, they do it in the UK.


What they need is to have a format that suits that area that they are in.

Why can’t places like Cairns, Mackay, Rocky, Bundy and maybe Newy and Hobart have a similar format to the metro Triple M’s as they already have Classic Hit and Female skewed stations.

Townsville and the Gold Coast, keep them female skewed.

Keep the Classic Hits stations the way they are but go back to their original call sign because Triple M on AM sounds so out of place.

The others go back to the 70’s to Now Greatest Hits format.


Newcastle & Hobart don’t have Classic Hits stations, but they do have Female skewed stations by rival operators such as New FM & 7HO respectively.


The stations have gotten so bad I’m flirting with illegality at work by using my phone to stream Classic Rock Digital (not supposed to have phones on the work floor) rather than listen to the 4th playing of Shotgun or whatever this breakup song for Taylor Swift signifies.


Classic Rock Digital is awesome lately IMO


Don’t encourage me.

No flow into the night shift tonight. 2 hour gap of music.


I don’t get why they can’t build the regional network around the 2Day format, to free up Triple M to be a rockier male focused station.

It would suit most markets, while stations like Sea Gold Coast, and perhaps places like Hobart and Newcastle with FM competition in a similar format could stick with something closer to what they have now.

If you make Hit stations target such a small segment of the market, then you leave a huge amount to try and capture with the Triple M station.


Sea Central Coast would be another station that would stick close to their current format. Likewise for several QLD markets such as Cairns, Townsville & Mackay where Star is present.

And yes, it would be good to see the regional Hit stations outside of the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hobart, Cairns, Townsville & Mackay have a “More Music, More Variety” format, whilst Triple M would have a more rock-oriented format (except for maybe Townsville, where there’s already a rock station present). Not sure what they would do with those that currently carries the “Classic Hits” log, which is currently sounding quite distinct from the current format of the regional Hit stations.


I guess it depends on the market - if it has an older population, there is probably less room for a hot CHR station than you’d find in a market with a larger 18-39 demographic. For instance, Max 1073 in Taree recently dropped the CHR format in local hours to run with an AC/Hot AC music log closer to the rest of the BOG FM network.

For the same reason, Triple M Mid North Coast in the neighbouring Port Macquarie/Kempsey market is one of the few FM stations in that network to use the Classic Hits log. There is then a clear case for the hit station to borrow a 2Day-like music log.

Personally, I’d suggest that networked formats should be aimed at sharing quality programming between stations, rather than copying formats and music logs wholesale. As highlighted above, it would be silly to run a duopoly in Shepparton with no market competition the same as Cairns or Townsville, with two commercial opponents in the same space. SCA can still sell the hit Network as attracting 18-39 year old females, and likewise with Triple M for males, but approach this differently in each market if need be.


Agree 100%. I’ve always thought exactly the same! The regional Hit stations in the smaller markets should be like the current 2DAY format to broaden the appeal! Where they have CHR or Hot AC competition then they could stick a bit closer to the Fox FM playlist but still skew a little Hot AC.

Triple M would then be free to move a little more towards Rock AC/Greatest Hits with some softer Classic Rock.

That’s what I’d do.