Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Likewise in Mackay, Cairns and Townsville - carried on 4MK and 4CA


A few lineup changes in Western Australia.

Terry Siva who was on 783 Triple M in Albany has transferred to Triple M in the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley replacing Verity who has moved to Coast FM in Mandurah.

Breakfast with Maz is now on 783 Triple M in Albany.

Mike Narrier who was on 2RG and Triple M in Griffith is now floating on Triple M and Hit in WA.



Does that mean 864 Northam and 1098 Merredin get the same brekky program?


Yup. Merredin is too small on its own.


And begs the question, why start these stations in WA if so many in the country weren’t viable for even one local shift?

There seems to be a historical difference over there with these tiny audiences being relayed a Perth station.

So Terry is off 7VA, two poor surveys the station’s had and they blame it on the announcer. Interesting.

Does Verity do any live shifts now she works for West Coast?


Triple M Bendigo had the news at 6 o clock as normal but when it came time for the weather the ident played followed immediently by a Triple M Ident and music so obviously no weather for tonight…


Even if there was a weather report it wouldn’t have been up to date, probably pre recorded hours ago.


Just about every weather update on the weekend is the same recording as the first time it was played.


No, Terry left for other reasons and to be closer to Perth.

6VA will be converting to FM in 2019/20 so that should make things interesting in the next survey.


So if putting him on 9 to midnight wasn’t bad enough, Mickey Maher has promoted Cenatiempo to Monday to Friday 7 to 10pm - beginning next week


So that means the Greatest years in music program has been axed?


Was always a political move by Mickey and his mates at Broadbeach to keep sending hubbed rubbish out of the spiritual home of regional networking for them. They needed to let go long ago.

What will they do for two hours until Bona’s show?

Currently, audience has a good run of nine hours overnight of live radio which beats voicetracking and automation.


Al Shield is moving to workdays for the network


I would prefer that they kept “Greatest Years In Music” to this :frowning:


Willthe use paddy in that 2 hour slot for something? He’s been fantastic this last week, bringing a lighter view to talkback.

Just a strange move to lead into Luke Bona with a 2 hour gap, Wouldn’t surprise me to hear a replay of Kennedy Molloy in that slot.


Today I heard a promo on KOFM that went along the lines of “On 8am Friday, a change is coming, as we flick the switch on KOFM”.

It’s quite different to the one used on the other Triple M regional stations 2 years when they rebranded.


They had more hype when BruceFM was launched.


This is going to be an incredibly sad moment in the history of Newcastle radio. Yes I’m aware that NXFM became Hit 106.9 a few years ago, but the market’s #1 station? Why fix something that isn’t broken SCA?! :confused:

I also really hope the Nine Network will be monitoring the rebrand of KOFM to Triple M + the subsequent reaction from social media to get an idea of just how well or otherwise a rebrand of NBN News to Nine News (if/when one ever happens in the future) might be received by Novocastrians.


I need a Derryn Hinch Shame Shame Shame clip here…

A step towards becoming a glorified repeater of 104.9 Sydney.


A lot of people forget the regionals are totally different than the metros, if anything it’s a repeater of Gold 92.5

KOFM is becoming harder to listen to with “music that makes you feel good” with the same songs you hear everywhere else 50 times a day. Surely I’m not the only one who hasn’t to change when you hear George Ezra’s shotgun been played over and over.

Problem is they can’t do much about it.