Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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no wonder Rebel and Breeze get a large chunk of the “Other FM” ratings on the GC!


Not that HIT is much better, they were so desperate to fill their “One Hit Wonder” playlist on Tuesday they had to dig out of mothballs…The Ketchup Song. I mean they could easily have just played half their songs post 2010 but still.


Long-time Wagga breakfast duo, Pottsy & Leighton, have signed off for the last time this morning after 18 years doing Wagga breakfast, first at Star FM before moving over to 2WG/Triple M in late 2013.



Why did they end?

How many DMG hired staff is there left within SCA stations once owned by DMG?


End of an era in Wagga. I think Pottsy is moving to arvos 12-4 and Leighton is leaving by look of it.


Oztober starts back tomorrow on all MMM regionals.


One half of a long serving breakfast duo is leaving Triple M Fraser Coast (formerly 4MB, later 103.5 Mix FM).


Another amusing article from Radio Today, no mention that upon ‘conversion’ to FM, 4MB carried dual branding for some months before being Mix FM.

Undoubtedly, many still refer to it as 4MB, a great example to SCA at the folly of their 2016 rebranding.

Mickey is doing well losing long serving staff, having quite the month at it.


With Barry Bissell doing the October voiceovers


it’s Oztober :slight_smile:





How much of this is a promotion for each other’s show, I wonder?


Bodge has to be very careful, SCA carries Alan Jones on all the Triple M regional stations (except in Albury, Shepparton, Bendigo, Mildura and Hobart). I’m surprised Bodge didn’t get the sack over his comments!


Granted that neither is Triple M-branded yet but to the best of my knowledge, Alan Jones isn’t heard on the Newcastle station…or the Central Coast one.


Ray Hadley has berated SCA for years yet he is still heard on some of the Triple M stations.


From what I remember, the SCA stations dropped Alan Jones’ hourly highlights, which used to air at 11am-12pm weekdays, at the beginning of 2016


Thanks, my bad. The Triple M regionals now carry Hadley from 9am to 12 noon.


Hmmm, I wonder why?

Wagner & Ors v Harbour Radio Pty Ltd & Ors perhaps?

SCA not joined as a respondent, what relief for them.

Especially in Toowoomba where the Jones hour was as popular as cot death for most who back the Wagners.


Not in Central Qld either (Hadley and Jones are on an AM station here).