Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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The Feel Good format isn’t even original, Power FM Murray Bridge has used it for a while with sweepers such as “Feeling good in the Murraylands”


I hope so :crossed_fingers:


The positioner should change to “Love The Music” - that way, the slow sleepy shi… songs can be more associated inside the branding.

You could easily do secondaries that own the region and those 29-54 women - like:

“Living Life Gold Coast Style… and Loving The Music… 92.5 GOLDFM”
“Love The Music. Love that Sunraysia Lifestyle. 97.9 Triple M”
“Loving the Surf, Sand and the Supercars Weekend. Newcastle’s 102.9 Triple M”
“It’s another day in paradise. Love the Whitsundays. Love 98.7 Triple M”

Love is as aspirational as “Feels Good” and it’s a much simpler proposition when it comes to music.


I am not to sure. I just heard there has been complaints about the format change in some areas


This might work well on Gold Fm and Triple M Townsville where they already have a male friendly radio station but why cant they have a rock format similar to the metro M’s in areas like Newcastle, Gosford, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay and Cairns where the others in these areas caters for the female group.

The other Triple M stations have a 70s to Now Greatest Hits log or a Classic Hits log and skew Hit FM down the Hot AC path with the odd 80s track…Simples


I totally agree mate :thumbsup:


The metro Triple M format would probably work fine in Newcastle, but for 107.7 Central Coast I think they’d have to do something different (perhaps either the Greatest Hits or Classic Hits logs?) due to the overlap with 102.9 Newcastle and 104.9 Sydney.


Well Hit 96.9 plays so many repeat song, Today , I heard one song played between 8:30am and 2pm today


simply because Mickey and their leadership group want their stations to be female focused.


Mickey never was the smartest programmer in the tool shed.


I cant believe their way of thinking. What is the reason for this? Plus they are cannibalizing their own station Hit FM :thinking:


Going by what they have done, I believe you there crankymedia


Reilly says there are no immediate plans for the Gold Coast-based station to [rebrand to Triple M], and points to the strength of GOLD as a heritage brand as well as a distinct characteristic of the radio signal in the area.


Just tuned into Gold 92.5 - first song heard from break, Perfect (Ed Sheeran and Beyonce) - straight to another station.

Just awful.


funny - that’s precisely the quote Grant Blackley gave to Townsville and Newcastle employees earlier this year in one of his online Q&A sessions


Today’s thought: If SCA’s headquarters were located in Townsville - would there still be a 4TO? Would Sydney’s Triple M now be called 2TO?


Then they follow it up with a stupid Pink song, then another flogged song from who knows when (usually Killer Queen)…


I went back and listened - it was Rush (Big Audio Dynamite) into Pressure Down (John Farnham).

All over the place.


Ive lost count how many times a day they flog to death, Pinks- Beautiful Trauma, Niall Horan - Slow Hands and the new one by Morgan Evans.

Their playlist seems to be a lot more tighter.

I agree, its a joke.


Which is misleading. It will happen. Simply not immediately. Blackley thinks radio works like TV. It does not.

In the late 90’s, SEA Gold Coast ran MMM sweepers with only the station name replaced in the script yet still MMM at the end.

That’s why 94.1 with immediate past Gold FM bfast personality, Richard Fowler now on their bfast is doing well. An irritant to Gold, all on a TCBL, better be careful right @Party_Pete ?