Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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as does Triple M Border (Albury) and I presume Triple M Mildura and Hobart.


I don’t know why SCA can’t allow stations in adjacent markets run different logs

For example, Bendigo takes the Gold Coast log and Shepparton takes the Newcastle or “other” log.

It just seems so cheap to lump the same log on everyone else.


What’s the difference? I mean I can barely tell the difference between MMM95.3 and Hit96.9 at the moment, they play the same female skewed music, and the only rock music I hear is the occasional hourly Offspring/ Silverchair or Powderfinger song on Hit??? I mean why do they even call themselves Triple M when they aren’t playing any rock? Just music that makes you feel shit


I don’t know how MMM can call itself a music that makes you feel good station when more than 1/3 of the 24 hour cycle is taken up by infuriating talkback programming by wannabe shock jocks.


Exactly. I don’t “feel good” listening to Stephen Cenatiempo abusing people for daring to ask how he is. I certainly do not “feel good” when listening to Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U, a song about heartbreak sung by a depressed, alcoholic, suicidal Irish woman. Yet I had to hear it the other morning. I also don’t “feel good” listening to the abundance of soft-cock ballads from Dean Lewis, Conrad Sewell, Shawn Mendez or Ed Sheeran.

I “feel good” when I switch off and go to Spotify.


Some of these are really personal preference.

I for one, actually like that Sinead O’Connor song.


Exactly. I live in Melbourne and are sick to death of listening to Triple M 105.1. Guns and roses, led zeplen, rock rock rock. Going bush and hearing regional mmm’s is like a breath of fresh air “variety”. As you said personal choice!!!


That’s not what we are saying… We are saying that the Regional MMM’s playlist is repetitive and no different to Hit FM Regionals. Out here in ‘the bush’ we would much prefer the 105.1 Triple M playlist than ‘Music That Makes You Feel Shit’


Triple M Gold coast have dumped Luke Bradnam from the end of december as a “cost cutting move”


You miss the point - it’s not FEELS GOOD music… it’s a slow, depressing ballad.


I wouldn’t mind if it was Emperor’s New Clothes by Sinead :slight_smile:


To you it it’s slow and depressing.

I enjoy the melodies and her voice.

If everyone thought that song was just slow and depressing, it wouldn’t get airplay.


Exactly. We were talking about this today. The music that they are playing now is exactly depressing. It’s not a station to have on in your work places or if you suffer from depression, which I do. Why are they playing so much 90’s pop and new music? I heard the listeners wanted less of this crap. Are the in competition with Hit? Thank god for streaming and Spotify.


to me? Nah… I actually like the song, but it’s not a song that makes me FEEL GOOD and that’s the point.


It’s a hybrid mix of 80s based pop with 90s and newer blending pop/country roots and a throwback 70s every hour or 2. Then you get the rock mix from 4 with Kennedy Molloy, then back to the Feels Good then off for 9 hours of right-wing leaning talkback. It’s just messy.

Mind you, if Triple M had any common sense, it would get a database of around 150-200 inoffensive songs that would suit their format, the Feels Good and Classic Hits audience as well, and use it for network programs like Kennedy Molloy and Luke Bona.

Stuff like: Rich Girl (Hall and Oates), Always The Last To Know (Del Amitri), Beautiful Day (U2), Walk of Life (Dire Straits) etc etc

These days Port Macquarie can go from Aretha Franklin at 3.50pm into Slash at 4.05pm.


They really need to destroy the" Music That Feels Good" slogan. It just sounds so out of place on Triple M and to me it sounds like I am listening to a female skewed easy listening station.

Why can’t each Triple M station have their own music log that suits the listening area and stay with that log 24/7. As what you said, it sound all over the place and a cheap station. It might cost more in the short term, but it will keep their listeners and advertisers happy…


Would Triple M Townsville (formally 4TO FM) still have the same playlist?I guess all regional Triple Ms sound exactly the same.:confused:Theres already a rock music station up there, Power 100.


Yes, they carry the same playlist as all the other regional Triple M stations outside of Gold Coast & Newcastle.


The story’s that I am hearing I don’t think this ‘Music That Feel Good’ format will not last to long.


Are they going back to the Greatest Hits 70s to now format?