Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Welcome 4TO Townsville you are now Triple M or something like that, I was in bed trying to sleep when I heard it.


From tomorrow there will be no more 70s/Now and 80s/Now logs on SCA regional.

All stations bar Classic Hits will be Music That Makes You Feel Good


How many more female skewed stations do we need in regional Australia :man_facepalming:


The consultants and programmers believe this simple philosophy these days - win the women and you win their men by default. As said last week, it’s bulldust.


What about music that makes you feel like shit? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d neck myself if I had to listen to it … thankfully I’m on the Ms in Sydney


Didn’t SCA have consultants fly in and analyse all their competitive markets and determine that the best approach was 3 or 4 different flavors of their greatest hits log?

Looking at how their stations are performing anyway, it does look like something needs to be done to fix them.


I agree, I had a listen this morning and the 80’s stuff was ok but there is way too much new music and 90’s pop crap. Why cant they leave that crap for Hit FM.
Bring back the 70’s to Now log or something similar to the Brisbane Triple M to have have a good point of differences to the other stations.

I think it is very similar to the old “80’s, 90’s to Now” log. Going by the ratings in Cairns, Triple M dropped a fear bit with a similar log to today’s “Music That Makes You Feel Good” log, so I can’t see its doing to well in all places.


Then on Kennedy Molloy on 95.3 Triple M this arvo they are using the Rock Variety metro Triple M log. The female skewed “Music That Makes You Feel Shit” log just seems out of place for the programs that Triple M uses.


:joy:…This is what I have been hearing today. I don’t think it is going down well with some stations


All Regional Triple M Stations are playing the Metro Rock Log used during Kennedy Molloy just like the Hit Network Regionals are playing the same music in Drive Time as Fox/2Day


Ratings that make Mickey and Corey feel like shit.

Ratings that make Mike and Mark in Newy delirious. Did you see Mike’s justification for another ho-hum survey a few weeks ago?

Because they’re trying to get a win on the Gold Coast with Gold and it ain’t happening. Too bad for the dozens of other markets without the same dynamics.


Why oh why do radio networks keep doing this across multiple markets? There’s a huge difference to programming for a competitive market like the Coast where you’ve got other independent players, versus the solus markets where your two stations have to cover the majority of the population.

Sure, let Gold FM slug it out with Hot Tomato and 94.1, but don’t make the majority of regional eastern Australia suffer through it as well. Give them some variety


Recorded Triple M News with Matt Petropoulos from The Borders 105.7


From what I observed online, Triple M Goulburn Valley carries the same log as heard on 2GO.

It seems that they have 3 separate “Music That Feels Good” logs for:

  • Gold 92.5 Gold Coast
  • KOFM/Triple M Newcastle
  • The rest of the regional Triple M Network outside of Gold Coast & Newcastle

Interestingly, from a Sydney radio listeners perspective, 2GO only plays one less 70s track per hour than WS, meaning that 2GO can be seen as an alternative to WS in many parts of Sydney, now that they’re playing 70s music on a regular basis again.


Though on the weekend, KO and 2GO were running the same log.


I should’ve clarified that the 3 separate logs apply to weekdays only.


Thanks for that confirmation mate. :slight_smile:

This “Music That Feels Shit” log we have here is not my cup of tea. A thing that pisses me off now is we have 4 commercial radio stations that I can pick up in this area that play all the same type of older music from the 80’s and 90’s and all catering for women. At least before Triple M had a point of different to the others with their AC rock skewed "Greatest Hits from the 70’s to now format.
There is no way I would be advertising my business with SCA in regional Australia. This is why I dropped my commercial from ACE.


That last 10 seconds sounds so out of place…:roll_eyes:


Well I do know 3BO Triple M Bendigo and 3SR Triple M Shepparton use the same log at the same time. I can get both station really strong.