Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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Melissa Seiler? Brisbane.


Albury and Cairns are basically the same place right? Radio Today really are in a bad place if they think they can serve up errors like that.


The site has really gone downhill. I don’t bother even looking at it anymore. The comments on their stories have dropped off as well, so looks like most people stopped visiting…


@Richo Thanks, yes, that’s who it was. Gone are the days of the GC newsroom staffed two shifts a day every day it seems.

Likely. Or their censorship has increased.

They’re the only one of the three industry sites to crow about numbers, the rest get on, get results with their ads and keep going.


4TO FM 102.3 are now Triple M Townsville.The end of an era,another heritage call sign is no more :confused::cry:


Launch audio.

Ray Warren calling a Cowboys rugby league grand final on 4TO? I don’t think so.


They’ve got the redirect from the old page to the new landing page, but I had to have a chuckle at the first thing I saw, being the text “4TO FM is changing its name, can you guess what to?”, with a great big Triple M logo above it :rofl:


Safe to assume that they got that audio from the Nine Network.


I know. But the audio was made out to be highlights from 4TO over the years.


Townsville - Welcome to Sydney!


You were not funny the last time and you’re not funny now.


I agree. My comment was in bad taste.


In other news Townsville Cty Council has announced it will be renaming Rowes Bay as Bondi. The move will make tourists from Sydney more comfortable when the visit the Queensland city.

News Corp will also be renaming the Townsville Bulletin as the Sydney Morning Herald as of next Monday. The move is to assist advertisers in realising that the Bulletin is a newspaper.


Does this all mean the Hit Network is all just Adelaide-based baloney?


This got a mention by Luke Bona at the start of his show


4TO were a part of my childhood from 1975-1980.I used to like listening to them in the 70s😕There was also 4AY the other commercial station back then -now HIT 103.1.also a SCA owned station


Just curious, what were 4TO and 4AY like during that time? Was 4TO a bit older skewing than 4AY? I seem to remember 4AY used the same jeans zipper logo as 4IP so I assumed they were a bit more Top 40. Then they converted to 4RR?

During the same period '75 to early/mid 80s I was listening to 4MB now sadly also a bland Triple M :(. Unless I was at my grandmother’s beach house where I was forced to listen to 4BU.
The hip station in the early 80s was 4GY for me :slight_smile:

Radio History

My understanding is that 4AY was based in Ayr, but used a loophole (the same one 2WS and 3MP used in Sydney and Melbourne) to move into Townsville, when they changed to 4RR, around 1986-87 I think? That also came with a change in frequency from 936 to 891.


IIRC 4AY always had some aspirations to target the Towsnville market and when they were allowed to increase power to 5kw and install a directional array (as other stations did at the time including 4IP) they IDed as “4AY the rhythm of Townsville”.


What did he say of it?


I do remember 4AY using that zipper logo,I remember having a sticker on my wardrobe,also remember seeing this sticker on cars.The music from both stations back then was much the same from memory.4AY used to have their studio in Flinders ST (the Main Street in Townsville)in the 70s as did 4TO