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I have heard a rumour that 2DayFM is going to be rebranded as MMM 2.0


Really? Like MMM Greatest Hits or Classic Rock?


Probably more like iSnack 2.0.


That’s what I was thinking - iSnack2.0.

The MMM name has destroyed so many regional brands why not let it eat up the capital city brand names as well.

At least it would assist agencies when they buy advertising. It would be simpler. Insert winking face here.


Where did you hear that rumor from nick because i highly doubt they would do that based on them saying they want to grow the 2dayfm brand and increase their survey book numbers and audience percentage numbers but anyway what else did you hear from that rumor any music log changes or on air shift changes?


Sorry everyone - it was just a joke. Along the lines of dumping brands like 2NX, 4TO and 2KO so why not let 2DayFM and Fox go as well.

As a punishment I will self exclude myself from mediaspy for a week.


It was obvious to me it was joke. :smiley:

Though SEN+ is not a joke, so you never know …


I thought the dumping of the 2NX / NX callsign was a joke until I drove through Newcastle a month ago.



That needs to be a joke too. We love your contributions.


Again, those making the comments make the most sense on the Radio Today articles. @TV-Expert


Gold 92.5 commercial seen only on local relay stations during news break away.

Gold Coast radio, print, online and other non TV
Triple M Network

I like the “only one station plays the music you’re into” while standing in front of a Triple M logo.


Also sponsoring beach reports


Juice 107.3 are probably not very happy about this…


Al Dobie is networked music shift this morning.



SCA have the three hour Ray Hadley news talk show on a handful of their Triple M stations yet the news service during that program is a metro FM style bulletin with three short stories with very limited information followed by a couple of sport stories. The news break during Hadley is mostly commercials. Why can’t SCA put out a decent news bulletin on these stations? Once upon a time all these stations they all took 2UE news. Sigh.


In the building QTV built which later incarnations of TAL, SCB and SCA have all occupied. Perhaps at its best level of media staff contributing to content since the QTV days.

As we know, QTV over invested as they were planning for the 9 affiliation. The building is constructed with an increase of density in adjacent sites, hence no side windows. Quite ambitious, still many decades away in that location.

SCA do not care about quality.

The networked news service is a relic of the RG Capital days where this networked news was only heard after midday and on weekends. DMG had superior staff and news hubs in Townsville and Albury. Bunbury and stations operated differently.

The RG Capital bulletins relied on the extra resourcing of the Gold Coast newsroom, Gosford remained local, Sunshine Coast was stripped of resources and it has continued from there since.

The 2UE pre feed bulletin now handled by 2GB is a shadow of its former self for quality.


In what location is Mel Sealer based? Reading bulletins on Gold Coast stations, don’t hear any local content.