Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

Looking forward to this going down well internally.

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What happened to the previous Triple M Riverina hosts?

And who is replacing Matt at 2DU Dubbo?

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End of an era for North Queensland radio.


That is sad!


He will be missed.I still remember hearing him on air for the first in 1995 on a visit to Townsville and every other time I visited there


SCA Bunbury offices and studios at level 1, 1 Spencer Street are up for lease. Wonder what’s happening there?


It’s only part of their floor available, so I wonder if it might just be SCA downsizing. They’ve got more networking from Perth these days so probably don’t need as much space.


We renovated the other half of the building (where the studios are) with a new open plan office space and condensed into that area.



It’s not often one of Western Australia’s greatest identities stays in a gig for an extended period of time, but Cliff Reeve has dedicated the lion’s share of his brilliant career to delivering entertainment to listeners on the Triple M airwaves.

Today, marks Reeve’s 30 years with Triple M, and 47 years in radio. Beginning his career on May 10, 1976 when he stepped behind the microphone at 6BY in Bridgetown, his tenure is an outstanding effort.

Reeve lives and breathes Western Australia, and he is the go-to for all things political, satirical and everything in between.

Reeve is not just experienced sharing his voice on-air but has also held, at different times, the positions of Program Director, Promotions Manager and various other jobs that come with keeping a radio station not only broadcasting, but successful in the ratings.

Throughout his career, Reeve has interviewed hundreds of people from all walks of life – politicians, celebrities, listeners, charities and many a local identity.

Just a few of the names include Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Ray Martin, Mike Munroe, Kerri- Anne Kennerley, David Cassidy, Bart Simpson, John-Michael Howson, Nancy Cartwright, Wilbur Smith, Gene Simmons, David Strassman, Ted E Bear, Craig Bennett, Cornelia Francis, Tommy Emmanuel, and several hundred more.

Reeve has played thousands of music tracks ranging from vinyl, cart, CD and digital formats and has witnessed many transformationsin the broadcast industry over his journey.

Reeve was celebrated in Federal Parliament last week with a congratulatory mention on the floor from local member Hon Nola Marino MP.

SCA Executive General Manager – Western Australia, Ian Kennedy, said: “It’s a very special day today for Cliff Reeve celebrating his 30th work anniversary with SCA. What a fantastic achievement. Cliff has interviewed hundreds of people from politicians to local identities, played thousands of music tracks and read his fair share of commercials. He is a popular professional in every sense of the word, liked by both work colleagues and his loyal audience. Congratulations Cliff on this wonderful milestone.”

Cliff Reeve said: "When you’re lucky enough to score a gig at Triple M you don’t take it for granted. If you can get on the playing field, you’re blessed. I’ve always said ‘ask not what this job can do for you, ask what you can do for the job.’ I believed it when I first started my radio career and I still believe it today.”

Thirty years at the top of his game is truly an outstanding achievement from a true professional and Triple M congratulates Reeve on a brilliant milestone.

Reeve can be heard on The Drive Home with Cliff every weekday from 4pm-7pm on Triple M WA and on LiSTNR.


Don’t they really mean 6PM? (since 92.9 only became 6MMM in 2020).

Been holidays in WA and really enjoy Cliffs drive show. Maybe the other states should try something similar instead of rush hours.

Triple M certainly are not consistent. I’m in Broome atm and the guy who does Breakfast sounds like he should be on HIT - just painful. Then they have a professional like Cliff on drive (networked) of course


30 years on 6TZ more accurately. Cliff is on the ex RadioWest version of Triple M.