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Every market had a GM before some were made redundant. Who was the last GM?


SCA has appointed Will Allen to lead the company’s television sales team. He will develop and oversee SCA’s television sales strategy to maximise revenue in the short, medium and long term. He will continue to be head of sales in Brisbane, a role which he began in 2012. Allen replaces Jane Stucci who departed SCA earlier this year after close to 20 years with the media company.


While NBN goes domain name crazy, SCA have given up.

Nine on 5 has closed (not even redirected to, and the pages for TDT, Ten Central and all of the SCTV stations have been “temporarily unavailable” for months. But good news! The (now useless) network “hub page” portals for Ten Regional and SCTV are all still up, and all pages are still listed on the SCA website!

Meanwhile, there are no links to the new domain names for GTS/BKN and Tasmania news.

Edit: Their TV guide page also still lists NRN


All the sites listed on are working for me… - although most of them are basic pages that just consist of a contact form and link to the TV guide.


SCA announced its FY17 results today. Its net profit after tax went up by 40% to $108.6 million, while revenue was up by 7.5% to $690.8 million. EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) climbed 5.85% to $177.4 million. The company said the revenue growth was mainly due to its affiliation switch to Nine Network from July 1 last year.


I haven’t read the SCA2017 financial results yet, but does that include the Ten NNSW sale?

I know SCA have sold off a number of their assets in the last 12 months (studio’s, Transmitter sites & then Ten NNSW assets), that’d have to be included.

Those figures look reasonable, but given they now have less assets (to sell) or mortgage against, & will be looking to sell off more assets in the coming year, it still doesn’t put them in any sort of strong financial position, given they still have a fairly sizeable debt to repay.



To who and what sites?


I would be assuming they are ones in Nth NSW which they no longer need.

Otherwise, whilst they might reduce capex costs etc, they would always be paying more to broadcast there through new access fees to the new owners.


I’m guessing they may be radio sites rather then tv sites


I believe it was all the transmission sites they owned. They were sold to Axicom in February.

The article says it was 56 sites, but SCA have reported 45 both in this report and in their half year report back in February, so not sure where the discrepancy comes from…

[quote=“Radiohead, post:30, topic:2613”]
Otherwise, whilst they might reduce capex costs etc, they would always be paying more to broadcast there through new access fees to the new owners.
[/quote]Cost difference would be minimal. A specialist tower operator would be able to use their economies of scale to maintain the towers cheaper than SCA could, and would also be more focused on getting new users of the sites to increase their earning. With towers being very expensive to maintain at times, it would be attractive to SCA to have a fixed predicable expense on towers rather than a constant risk that a tower may need serious work.


Very interesting to notice that many of the SCA metro twitter pages have altered their logos to a rainbow colour, presumably for the gay marriage vote.

This is an interesting precedent. SCA as a company via their brands are pushing a cause.

Even for talk radio, it’s announcers of individual shows who push causes and not their station, save for commercial agreements such as 2GB and their promotions fronted by Kayley Harris et al.

For Triple M, this is a difficult topic, I doubt most of their audience would be interested. As for the Hit network, doubt even in Sydney there’d be enough gay audience to assist the survey books or those who really feel passionate. Remember that even the Hit network is not a sophisticated audience, most are from middle/outer suburbs with a lot more on their minds than this. Cost of living would be enough for many of the audience.

I know many of you probably have strong opinions personally, remember that this is not a sledge on you, but how this gay marriage vote is viewed by specific audiences.

Most people would tune to a music station with entertainment/comedy talent to get away from the news and grind of the ‘real world’. This is quite an overt, some would say pushy way to take a stand and have it propagated.


Being radio of course the logo is rarely seen so if SCA aren’t saying too much on-air I doubt many people will know about the rainbow logos.


Yeah I saw that and don’t see a problem. American companies do it all the time - they take a view on issues and policies without blinking. They even threaten to relocate (and actually do relocate) from states that pass discriminatory laws. And not just little companies but bigger companies. A lot of the big corporates are even openly anti-Trump. It doesn’t seem to harm them otherwise they wouldn’t do it. I think we’ll start seeing more of this in Australia. Companies like Westpac are dipping their toe in the water too. As Governments fail to drive change and get deadlocked, corporates will start to have opinions… Personally I’m all for it while politics continues to fail. Just my opinion.


There’s an awful lot of straight people that feel strongly about that as well. With all indicators suggesting that the majority will vote/answer “YES”, statistically a very significant number of those have to be straight people are a not impacted at all by it. Even if someone doesn’t feel strongly about this issue, it still shows the stations as being a station that will take a stand for what’s right - and maybe the next issue will be important to those people.

Just as importantly, SCA, and particularly the metro hit stations have a significant number of gay people working for them - far more than the average in most work places. This tells those staff that the company supports them, and helps create a culture where staff feel valued as remain loyal to the brand - we’ve seen previously how much stations can rely on a small number of people to create their winning product.


It’s a good opinion, interesting perspective.

Certainly emerging trend in Australia. Been done in the US for a long time. If it can drive better outcomes, great. We’ve had ten years of failing politics federally.

If it is being mentioned on air, continuing the theme of a corporate stance, I wonder if it is what audiences want to hear, do they want to know about serious issues and policies on what is considered music and entertainment formats?

Such a decision would not be made without research, imagine a sample of audience agrees with the idea.

@TV-ACT thanks for your reply too, not had time to listen, be interesting to know.


The Hit Facebook pages have the rainbow logo as well.

There must be enough of a gay audience for them to re-brand to “2GAY FM” during Mardi Gras. They’ve been doing it for years. They have always been the official soundtrack to the parade as well.


The logo hasn’t changed on the 2DayFM website yet.


They usually on do the temporary changes to the Hit logo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Following SCA’s digital brand alignment of the Triple M and Hit Networks on July 1, SCA’s digital stations will now be automatically included in all Metro FM radio campaigns.
This new combined digital offering is now available and will take effect on digital radio from November 6.

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