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Yeah i am sure it will come soon the song text.


Did the backup generators run out of juice during this time?

I recall all road access was closed for at least two, perhaps three days. A connection was re-established on the longer secondary access, the shortest route remains closed and likely so until 2019 (go figure, it’s Qld).


Flicking through the channels on the train, came across 1SM and it was playing Amazing Grace by the Royal Scots Draggon Guards(???)…was that an example of a hit back in 2SM’s heyday? :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe as they eased out of the classical music after the Pope or Archbishop of Sydney died.


Noticed starting today that the SCA digital stations have started playing a lot of ads! A lot…


It may have something to do with this: Southern Cross Austereo (Company)


Rather than the regular on the hour ad for Nimble, Easy had a couple of minutes of other ads.


Amazingly these new ads are localised on DAB+ in Perth. I heard an ad for Metro City (which TIL is still around :astonished: ) A better effort than others cough The Edge.

Don’t think the online streams are local though, they seem to play out Melbourne ads.


Yes, I heard Melbourne ads around 5:00pm on Easy via RadioApp.


Hmm, if I go to the Hit websites ( or, when you click Listen, you’re now asked to select a city. The Perth online stream matches up to Perth DAB+, and the programming is also delayed according to the timezone.

I’ll have to adjust my Sonos links.


Trying to listen to MMM Classic Rock but after waiting 10 mins for the ads to finish, I’ve given up!


SCA have destroyed Easy. One annoying ad for Nimble every hour, has been replaced with three minutes of ads every ten minutes. Streaming Smooth Brisbane is a better option.


I have to agree with @Rob2144 and @littlegezzybear in that SCA have really gone way too hard with the ad content on their DAB stations. Of course they need to play ads but boy they’ve gone completely overboard! LONG ad breaks on both Easy and the MMM stations.


At least KCDX is still commercial- and almost announcement- free! Rock Antenne Classic Perlen and Rock Antenne Alternative are also good choices for commercial free rock. These options are probably not available in Karen’s workplace- poor sod!


And imagine how clients are being misled with supposed ‘bonus spots’.


The latest DAB+ ratings are out:

Noteworthy points:

  • In Sydney, MMM Classic Rock & Greatest Hits are on par, with the latter ahead in 40-54s, whilst the former leads in the 55-64s.
  • In Melbourne, The 80s has as many cumulative listeners as Talking Lifestyle.
  • In Brisbane, both MMM Classic Rock & Smooth has higher cumes than Talking Lifestyle.
  • In Adelaide, The 90s & Buddha Hits is #1, whilst in Perth, both Smooth & OldSkool Hits tops the ratings.


ABC Jazz has the highest cume in Sydney being way ahead in 25-39 and 55-64. Edge Digital is second, ahead in 10-17 and doing well in 18-24 and 25-39, though I wonder if some of that reported listening is actually via FM.


Meanwhile, in the 40-54s in Sydney, Double J is #1, followed by a 3-way tie of Buddha Hits, MMM Greatest Hits & The 80s. In Melbourne in that same demographic, The 80s is #1, followed by Aussie in 2nd place.

Interestingly, MMM Classic Rock have far lower cumes in Sydney on among the 40-54s with 2,000 compared to Melbourne (15,000), Brisbane (17,000) & Perth (6,000). In Sydney, MMM Greatest Hits is far more popular on among the 40-54s with 15,000, way higher than in Melbourne (6,000), Brisbane (6,000) & Adelaide (2,000).



Following extensive trials of DAB+ in Canberra and Darwin since 2010, applications opened yesterday for one permanent licence in each capital city.

The ACMA has published a notice inviting eligible joint venture companies to apply for foundation category 1 digital radio multiplex transmitter licences.

Source: Radioinfo


Is 1RPH eligible??? Because the AMCA definition of the commercial and community stations that are eligible states:

The 1RPH licence area includes Wagga Wagga, so it is larger than the licence area of the commercial stations and other community stations. I hope it’s just an oversight and 1RPH is indeed eligible. Plainly the Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan and Yass community stations are not eligible to be included.

The three Darwin community radio stations have different licence areas to the two commercial stations. The licence areas are substantially different with the commercials having a bit under twice the population of the community stations. How will it work in Darwin, I wonder, as all three stations appear to be ineligible.