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Huffington Post reports John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John will host their own show on Smooth on the next two Sundays (December 18 and 25) to promote their new album, Friends for Christmas. The pair will also be part of Smooth’s Australia Day Top 500 Countdown on January 26.


Smooth’s also on DAB+ In Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


John and Olivia have been on every media outlet promoting this album over the last few days - including 2GB and the 7.30 Report on the ABC. I was surprised that the ABC let them “promote” their new album.

I reckon they would go to the opening of an old wound at the moment.

Tish Booom.


Boom tish even.


Not hearing George Michael on Smooth’s digital. Cyndi Lauper minutes ago.


Loving the non stop George Michael being played on smooth excellent move here in nz no station is playing George Michael tribute so it’s great to see smooth going the extra mile no wonder smooth is rating very well in Sydney & Melbourne.


Would’ve expected MORE FM or The Hits to be doing something


Yes I totally agree with more fm or the hits should have attempted to play some George Michael even nz’s breeze made no attempt they just stuck to there narrow playlist.
But was great to hear heart uk playing non stop George Michael .


I gotta give props to smooth fm with their George Michael tribute they’re still going with it


smoothfm 91.5 is having an Adele special from 10.30pm-midnight after her concert finishes tonight and tomorrow night.


Here’s an interesting article about Smooth & how they compare to other soft adult contemporary stations in Australia & around the world, past & present:’t-always-smooth


Great article thanks for posting. I absolutely loved KOST FM when I visited LA. It seemed to match the mood of southern California perfectly. It’s slightly more up tempo than Smooth.

The other pioneer of th soft AC format in North America was CHFI in Toronto. They used to sound a lot like Smooth a few years ago but unfortunately they’ve morphed slowly into a Hot AC format sounding more like KIIS these days.


Tina Arena, who released her latest album Greatest Hits and Interpretations last week, is returning to Smooth’s all-star weekend line-up this Sunday and will host a Mother’s Day special on 14 May. She will perform two songs on Seven’s Good Friday Appeal Super Show tomorrow night.


I love Tina. She’s a true Australian icon for me.


An interesting article from Radioinfo about the success of Smooth:

Wayne Clouten, Director & Senior Consultant at Broadcast Programming and Research (BPR) Australia said that:

“In late 2011 we developed a ratings performance model which was required to identify the potential survey ratings the format would achieve in the official radio ratings.

“It was estimated that Smooth would achieve the No 2 FM station position within 3 years of launch and possibly the No 1 FM station position in the longer term"

And it did just that, first in Sydney on Survey 5 of 2015 & then in Melbourne on Survey 1 of 2017.


This Sunday (21st May) will mark 5 years since Smooth first went to air in Sydney & Melbourne. To celebrate, the station has released a special song featuring the vocals of Rick Price.



As smooth celebrates its 5th birthday I can really see the advantage of the jingle package that the station has had since day 1.

Whenever you visit a shop and you hear that smooth jingle it is instantly recognisable that the radio is tuned to 95.3.

It cuts through the clutter. I was in a cafe yesterday and every time the smooth jingle played it was like an ad for the station that no one could miss.

Much more noticeable than a voiceover saying “101.7 WSFM” or 'Fresh Hits Nova"

Good jingles and the Triple M whisper - you can’t ignore them.


According to Radioinfo, James Blunt will host the Sunday 4pm slot from May 28 until June 18. MasterChef judge Matt Preston will be the next guest host.


I’m taking a break from KQ as they’re having a 70s weekend and I can only handle a certain amount of ballroom blitz glam…

Smooth is sounding good music wise, but the voice tracking is annoying. Do they have live announcers during the week?


I think they are till 20:00? Mellow music must be voice tracked as it’s the same announcer (cam dado) 7 nights a week