Sky Thoroughbred Central

Tabcorp has been negotiating with Network 10 this week for the Sky Thoroughbred Central channel to be broadcast on one of its channels, with a deal expected to be completed this weekend, The Australian is reporting.


Sounds about as riveting to me as the prospect of another home shopping or cooking/food themed channel launching on free to air TV.

If the deal goes ahead, presumably Sky Thoroughbred Central via Ten will be on LCN-16?


Another horse racing channel??
No thanks.
Edit: it’s just on 10 bold, not a full channel. Thank fucking god


One of my grandparents used to watch RacingDotCom a lot but then Sky News on WIN, ABC News’ main regional competitor came along.

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Thoroughbred Central shows races from across Australia except VIC and SA. That means inevitably they will be races covered on both the channel and

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Looking at the guides for the next week I can’t see any overlap. ??

No overlaps today, but watch out for the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival in June.

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Is there any way around it so that I can view the full article?

Purchase today’s paper or buy a subscription?

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I thought there would be a tweet about the article over on social media.

From what I have read they are negotiating with 7 and 10.

No, it will just be, eg 12pm-5pm on 10 Bold.
No new channel, just Sky buying airtime on a channel.


That would be pretty good if it happens. it would mean almost every horse race in Australia plus some oversea races would be on FTA.

According to the article, it’s not yet known whether Tab will pay 10 for the deal.

Judging by the previous reporting about this, any potential arrangement wouldn’t be a long-term one but rather a short-term deal to fill the sports void which the Coronavirus has caused

FUCK the australian and their STUPID FUCKING PAYWALL!
Jeffmister, how did you look at the article?? does not work for me


I’m a subscriber to The Australian

This is too good.


I gathered that. But to be honest I never read the article.

Can you give us a summary of the article?

I’d have thought 10 Bold would be doing pretty well during the day - if it’s just them buying air time they should replace Spree TV with it, not impact their existing programming.

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