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A thread for Tabcorp-owned Sky Racing, an Australian subscription TV and radio service for thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing.

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Here’s my attempt at explaining the complex looking Sky Racing split screen which is shown between races:

Shows next race to jump with race number, meeting, distance, race name/sponsor, track condition and countdown to the jump.

Shows winning dividends for the next race covered on Sky Racing 1. Green column is for fixed odds (in this case for WA TAB/S-TAB), with the three grey columns showing tote odds for the three Australian betting agencies (NSW, S-TAB and UTAB). Bottom row shows total betting pools:

Pretty self explanatory. Will show slo-mo replay of previous race before transitioning to next race.

Tips from various racing personalities as well as Sky’s own predictor:

Results or Field Info
Shows results from previous, or field information for next race. This cap shows results only.

Shows next 4 races to jump on either Sky 1 (red) or Sky 2 (blue). Same ticker is used on both channels. Sometime the last 2 races are obscured with a TAB ad like this cap shows:

Misc Graphics
The banner and ticker stays on screen during the actual race…

…until the screen is cleared for an unobstructed finish.

The results are shown as soon as the winner is known and stays on until the split screen returns behind it:


Good explanation. It is sometimes confusing how graphics appear right next to an unrelated race, but if you spend enough time watching it, it all starts to make sense.

Sky racing 1 just aired an Audi ad back-to-back.

Got a tip @watvvideos?

Does Sky still use that space for post race updates as well?

Kalgoorlie tomorrow, Race 7, number 1 Flow. :slight_smile:

Yes, they often use a yellow banner in the same spot to announce late scratchings, false starts or to denote which audio is playing when they’re using a 2 video split screen (which I’ll cover in another post later).

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