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I’m sure Nine has noted the success of the opinion driven programming. There’s a reason Karl and Georgie have been contributing more opinion pieces to Nine’s media platforms and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that expand in 2019 now they’ve acquired Fairfax. It looks to me like Karl is transitioning from straight journalist to news commentator as part of the rehabilitation of his image.


Good point, it’s still 2/3 of stuff all unless they ever get on a metro fta network.


it’s not bullying or harassment in my opinion. it’s telling companies that i do not support the views portrayed on the network they advertise on.

as far as i’m concerned it’s no different to my personal boycott of hungry jacks due to the founders support of cutting penalty rates


What’s going on with the double bug?
Sky News now twice as good? Nah…

Apologies for the dodgy pic


The second bug looks like the Sky News UK one


The current UK bug is smaller and “news” would be in lower case…
it is weird… can’t imagine how it would come about.


isn’t that the old one from the pre-digital-only TV days?


Thinking about it, I suspect someone put a Mosart instruction in the rundown for a Qantas bulletin bug… it’s 4:3 safe so it sits slightly to the right of the on air bug.


Sky will be in full meltdown mode tonight over Turnbull. Should be hilarious.


No doubt Paul Murray will have his Two Minutes of Turnbull Segment tonight.


Bolt has that ever credible Rowan Dean on tonight going on and on about reducing emissions being the problem with all of this. He thinks that throwing out Paris and building coal stations and that we would all have to cut all our electirivity consumption. That if Morrison doesn’t get involved in the climate nonsense they’d win the election . :roll_eyes: spare me.


Well hopefully someone sees sense and sacks Rowan from Sky and the AFR.


Dean is at the AFR?!? Sky News I can understand, but the AFR…


Former Seven News Sydney director Chris Willis has joined Sky News.


Willis left Seven Network in 2015 after more than 20 years, and has since worked at consulting firm The Change Warehouse, and as a senior adviser to former NSW Opposition Leader, Luke Foley.



I don’t there’s any danger of Sky taking a sharp turn to the left any time soon if that’s what your “Hmmm” was about.

The only time any of Sky’s on air or senior management team go left is when they walk onto an aircraft


More a statement about the fate of his employer, an appropriate step from one moral vacuum to another.


New ‘downscaled’ set on Sky News today, coming from Sydney?


At Sky News centre?


Possibly Adelaide actually, maybe a temporary set for the Labor Party Conference.