Sky News


The set is located in Sydney, its at News Corp HQ where shows like Ticky are produced. It has been there for a while.


It’s not new. It’s in the Oz newspaper’s newsroom. They’ve used it for years.


God how awful does Paul look?


Correct… it was built by NewsCorp as part of their digital push well before they owned Sky outright.

Before the new biz studio was opened it was, as @NewsAustralia pointed out, used for Ticky hostings.

Given Your Money is now using the biz studio during the day it remains the only alternative for anchoring from the CBD.

I’m guessing David must have had a late in the day commitment that meant he couldn’t make it back it Macquarie Park… or maybe there’s something else happening?


That’s the fat bastard look. :stuck_out_tongue:




Paul Murray should be made to wear a jacket all the time, and maybe a tie. He is supposed to be a professional presenter.



When did they slow the ticker speed down? Far to slow.


Probably based on audience feedback since going free-to-air in the country.


Why are they wasting their time doing a New Year’s Eve show with PM? Looks like a school project, poor audio shitty picture quality and horrendous lighting. And why is he sitting in an atrium of a hotel or corner of a restaurant in the hotel lol rain or not get out side


Because they can’t possibly handle watching the ABC.


The picture quality on Paul Murray is even worse on Sky News on WIN in regional areas.


It’s a train wreck like abc’s first attempt in 2013


The big question is…how drunk are they? And if so, how watchable is it?


At least drunk moonman was amusing to watch.


…and there were at least genuinely amusing bits with The Chaser, Shaun Micallef + a skit with Leigh Sales & Annabelle Crabb, from what I recall of the ABC’s 2013 coverage.


Yes unfortunately the hosting position is bizarre … I’m assuming they’ve moved Paul inside because of the rain but the alternative they chose is just awful.

The location itself isn’t bad… the Intercontinental offers nice views of the Harbour… but Paul tends to be a tad self indulgent and there’s no one in the control room who is able or wants to keep the show moving.

Still, they’re catering to a specific audience who will enjoy Paul.


I’m watching this now…he looks like a total slob. And, far be it for me to say this, but he needs to lose weight now. He is a type 2 diabetic waiting to be discovered.


How does Sky end up with reporters from Seven, Nine and WIN? Surely Nine can’t be too happy about Tens regional affiliate being used instead of their Nine team in those area