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I am NOT trying to add more paid advertising services I was just responding to what was said about dropping TVSN due to technical issues with the transponder

Poor quality OR drop a channel - BUT then WA is a small market, so its more likely to retain all services


They’ve already dropped Gold, twice, which is why suggesting the removal of TVSN seems like a logical step to ensure good quality on their more “important” channels.


Do they still have both a WIN SD and WIN HD service on VAST?


Yep, they sure do. So that’s another way they can save bandwidth. Do away with the simulcast on satellite and have just a primary HD service (just like ABC HD which doesn’t have an SD simulcast at all). All they would need to do then is some down conversion trickery at each terrestrial site to meet terrestrial SD simulcast requirements. Every site is already capable of converting MPEG-4 SD to MPEG-2 SD, so surely they can convert MPEG-4 HD to MPEG-2 SD as well? There’s no other reason they need 2 x WIN’s on VAST. Every single viewer has a VAST Certified MPEG-4 HD set-top box.

I could go on and on about how much VAST/networks misuse precious satellite bandwidth, but I think I’ve said it here enough times. Just racks my brain.


I did a measurement of average bandwidth usage over half an hour on the WA transponder at the start of the year and an idea of how they could convert to HD-only and still be able to squeeze in extra channels. It’s outdated now since SNOW came along but you get the idea. They’ve got just over 40 Mbps to play with on a single transponder using all MPEG-4 services.



Outsiders 5 nights a week!! Why isn’t this a thing? :wink:

It makes sense to put these two between Bolt and Murray.

Sky News

Why run two 7mates for the sake of local ads in two smallish markets?


Guessing it’s AFL related.


Because there is a limit as to how much idiocy one can put on the airwaves.


Oh no there isn’t… there so isn’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Side by side too. As in 7mate on 63, 7mate on 73. Bizarre.


Fox Sports is using FSN as an overflow to show Live golf from Singapore Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship as a result SNOW is following. I don’t know if this was done on purpose or not, I am guessing it was a last minute discussion to use FSN and SNOW simucasting FSN was overlooked

Fox Sports

I just notice FSN is back on due to a weather delay in golf


why can’t they use 502 or 504 for overflow general sport, it is the off-season in both AFL and NRL and as there are no live events on these channels until the trade period and drafts, it makes sense.


Another promo:


A crucial by-election today yet Sky News on WIN is continuing to show Fox Sports News. There should have been some flexibility in the scheduling so that SNOW can show breaking news on weekends when needed.


I was meant to post the following on this thread, but couldn’t find it until now.


Yeah that is a strange decision… I wonder if someone simply forget to ask for it to happen.

There is flexibility, it’s not hard to issue instructions to Mediahub even with just a few minutes notice.


Despite the fact that I completely detest the primetime lineup on Sky News, I figured they’d likely have some reasonable coverage of the by-election.
Tuned in to SNOW tonight to find out what was going on and found sports news airing… all I could think was “How do WIN really consider this pile of shit to be a news channel”


Can anyone tell me why my Pop is getting Sky News on WIN but it’s just the audio and not visuals. I tried to re tune but no success, just says ‘invalid format’ yet you can still hear it.