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Just a heads up - we are currently doing some server maintenance - things might drop out for a little while


With any luck (after a server rebuild) we should have a little bit more stablity now


Thankyou Chewbacca


:rotating_light::rotating_light: IMPORTANT UPDATE :rotating_light::rotating_light:

Effective immediately, the sharing of or any discussion of how to access direct links to the network’s online streams (the m3u8 links) is now banned. The Streaming Apps thread has also been removed and will not be reinstated - any streaming discussion will be limited to official apps and in their respective threads.

This is not a matter that we will allow a protracted discussion or debate on, if you have a specific concern then feel free to PM me.

That’s very sad, because we could have used the Streaming Apps thread to discuss about upcoming official streaming services like BritBox (UK) and HBO Max (US) without starting new threads for them.

I’m sure - if they have relevance to readers here - we can create another thread for those miscellaneous apps? - @bacco007

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I’m sure we can work something out for those circumstances

MediaSpy now has dark mode 0.0, click the 3 lined menu at the top of the page and select Dark.

its been there for a few months now


Sorry that outage took so long - the update took a lot longer then normal (being a few versions behind probably didnt help)

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When were we out?
I didn’t even notice!

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