New drama for Ten in 2017

Cast includes Barry Otto, Catherine McClements, Lucy Duark, Maria Angelico, Antonia Prebble, Remy Hii, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber, Roy Billing, Zindzi Okenyo and Magda Szubansk.

The series from the makers of Offspring asks the questions “What makes you ‘you’? and what’s the difference between being related and being family?”

A contemporary, feel-good family drama from the makers of Offspring, Sisters asks the big questions: what makes you you; what is the difference between being related and being a family; and does it pay to have DNA tests before sleeping with someone? Exploring this

fertile terrain is a superb cast that includes Barry Otto, Catherine McClements, Lucy Durack, Maria Angelico, Antonia Prebble, Remy Hii, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber, Roy Billing, Zindzi Okenyo and the fabulous Magda Szubanski.

Another chick flick show. :weary:

Did they forget that there was an American series with the exact same the same title?

There are a lot of the same genre on Ten. I am assuming they would like a 30-40 week commitment to Australian drama for the 8:30 Wednesday timeslot and must feel that Sisters-Offspring-Wrong Girl will deliver this. I don’t mind the premise of the show. It doesn’t sound too bad. But it would be nice to have perhaps another Police/Crime drama or something.

And think of all the crossovers they can have. The 3 sisters, after finding each other can be guests on the Breakfast bar. One of them can whip out the back & have a quickie with one of Lily’s beaus. Nine months later she can deliver her baby on Offspring. Who will be the father?


You should go work on the show.

We could call it The Wrong Girl Sister’s Offspring.


Yawn. Yet another female-skewed show coming to the network. What is wrong with them. :roll_eyes: Something with broad-appeal for once wouldn’t hurt, Ten. And Lucy Durack as one of the leads?

Not normally one to say this, but would be nice to see this flop. Ten might then finally get the hint.


But even if they do flop, Ten still renews them. The Wrong Girl cough cough

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I thought this had already been filmed, but they only started on Episode One last week. Joel Creasy is recurring on this also.

That means we may not see the show until October at the earliest. The producers obviously had to wait for Lucy Durack to finishing filming season 2 of Doctor Doctor for Nine and The Letdown for ABC first.

They may split it into 2018 or start it then.

Looking like 2018. Still got 6 weeks of Offspring?? & Season 2 of the Wrong Girl to churn.

Lucy Durack has revealed to the Sunday Herald Sun she is revelling in playing Roxy “who is a bit of a ‘hot mess’”. Magda Szubanski will play Roxy’s mother.

So silly. Just hire someone else. It’s not like she’s anything special. Yet another over exposed actor that gets special treatment.

I hate that method. It’s fine for Northern Hemisphere countries where non ratings/poor ratings occur in the middle but we have forty fucking weeks straight. It just reinforces short attention spans in viewers and lets the networks off the hook by stringing out their poxy dramas.

Still can’t believe this won’t be ready until October. DOA. Ten doesn’t deserve to have any success.

It’s probably just following normal production timelines. They just shouldn’t have announced so early since it was still in development and production hadn’t even begun.

Agree. I actually had thought it started filming. I can even see it being shunted to next year now. The commercial networks have really dropped the ball on drama this year which is just sad to see.

Which is why they shouldn’t be allowed to reduce quotas as they have been lobbying the government to do. As soon as the government does, they do the bare minimum.

Right now it’s children’s programming but the government should learn from the UK where they did it and the following year production dropped by 93% before being quickly reinstated.

Drama will be next but it should not be allowed.

They should increase the quota if they reduce the licence fees to encourage further investment but thats for a different forum.

Good idea.

I seriously don’t see this show working. It sounds like offspring and wrong girl. Appealing to women again with som sappy crap.

Do ten ever make anything a little broader? Same old shit year after year.

Nine took some punts this year and have paid off with a decent investment in new formats.